Indiana State University online FNP program

  1. Does anyone have any information or tips on going to FNP grad school online with Indiana State University? Please share your good and bad experiences with me.

    Thank you!

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  3. by   BSNstudent2013Font
    I can not wait to be where you are!
  4. by   2content4u
    I'm not sure will let you know!! Just got accepted for fall 2014!!!
  5. by   rosannache
    Same here. Received acceptance email yesterday for fall 2014 FNP.
  6. by   2content4u
    Rosannache we need to talk!!! I received my email yesterday too... So excited for the both of us!!!! If you want to trade contact info I am more than willing!!!
  7. by   rosannache
    [COLOR=#003366]2content4u Glad to hear from you. Don't know if we can post our email address here or not. Where are you? I'm in CA.
  8. by   2content4u
    I'm in Florida..
  9. by   2content4u
    I think we can...
  10. by   2content4u
    My email is rosennache... Email me so we can talk..
  11. by   rosannache
    I emailed you!
  12. by   Lisalis
    I hope you don't mind me emailing you too
  13. by   wrigley615
    I just got accepted to ISU for spring 2015, just wondering what you all think of the program so far? I am excited, but a bit apprehensive as to what I am getting into!!
  14. by   jdmelton88
    Hi I will be applying for the fall 2015 if you could give advice about your progress throughout I would greatly appreciate it!
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