RN lic, but can you work in non lic postion???

  1. I have my IN RN lic but as a new grad which in December will be a year since graduating, I have yet to find a job. I was wondering since I have my Medical Assistant certificate and did that for 12 years before getting my RN am I able to work in that position, are there any laws that do not allow you to work out side of your lic in the medical feild?
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    You need to contact your state Board to find out what the policy is in your state.
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    Will do thanks.
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    Heard back from the board this was there response incase anyone else wants to know.
    Have an interview next week at Methodist in the Pulmonary unit, so hopefully I wont have to go back to my MA days!!

    A person with an RN license does not have to work as a nurse. You can apply for any position for which you may be qualified.

    Lori Grice, Assistant Director
    Indiana State Board of Nursing
    Indiana Dieticians Certification Board
    Indiana Professional Licensing Agency
    402 W. Washington St.
    Indianapolis, IN 46204
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    How did your interview go? When do you find out?
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    There are v. few actual state laws or regulations that keep you from working in a position "lower" than your level of licensure (I know that my state has no such law/regulation, however, some other posters here have mentioned that it is specifically prohibited in their state), but there are legal and professional concerns. My state BON has issued a specific statement saying that it strongly discourages nurses from doing this because of the professional and liability concerns.

    The problem is that your employer will tell you you're not allowed to do anything beyond the job description of the position in which you're working (lower than your level of licensure), but, if anything goes wrong, wrong enough to end up in court, the courts will hold you to your highest level of education and licensure, regardless of your title or job description at the time. Many employers simply won't hire people to work in a lower level position (below their licensure) because of the liability conflicts/concerns, and many employers who will do so are doing it because they don't mind exploiting you (basically, getting an RN for a CNA/MA salary).

    I understand that times are hard and jobs are hard to find these days, esp. for new grads, and I'm not saying you definitely shouldn't do this -- I just think it's important for people to understand the ramifications and potential risks of the situation when making a decision about doing it. I would also strongly encourage you to carry your own professional liability (malpractice) insurance, if you don't already. If anything does go seriously wrong and your employer can find a way to blame it on you, they will do so in a heartbeat.

    There are some other threads here on this same topic, if you want to look for them and read further discussion. Best wishes!
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    Because of this week being a short work week, they could not get me in. My interview is on Friday the 3rd. The recruiter I spoke with had a list of people to set up interviews with it sounded like they are hiring for a few positions. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for asking.