New Grad Pay Rates

  1. I've been a nurse now for about 11 months. I find it hard sometimes when looking for a nursing job in a hospital to find out the starting pay until the interview. So, why don't we use this post to list the name of the hospital and the starting pay for a new grad.
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  3. by   courtneyalissa
    Hey. I work in Ft. Wayne and I make $15 as a GN. Once I pass my boards I'll be making $18 and in 6 months I get a 5% increase ($27). The hospital I work at has a $4000 sign on bonus and $8000 loan payback if you agree to work for 2 years. I also have been at this hospital for 2 years and they are counting my work experience as a tech and extern. What area are you wanting to know the pay for? It seems like other states pay more for new grads, but they also have higher cost of living. I went to a private university so I'm just trying to figure out how I'm ever going to pay off my student loans!
  4. by   HelloKittyRN
    I work in Elkhart and I started out at $18. After I passed my boards, I got a dollar raise. I currently make 19.50. We don't get sign on bonuses as new grads, but our hospital does offer tuition reimbursement and scholarships. They also have a BSN completion program where the college comes to the hospital for classes. They also help to pay for this. Our hospital is not huge so that is probably why we don't get paid as much. I know that Michigan hospitals pay a whole lot more for their nurses!
  5. by   awilhelm
    The best thing to do, in my opinion, is call all the hospitals you are interested in and ask to speak with Human Resources. Do not ask to speak with a nurse recruiter. Ask them what their starting pay is for RN's. Every hospital that I have called has told me. I will tell you that most hospitals that are actually worth working at pay between 19 and 20 dollars an hour. I have found that if the hospital has a good reputation and you want to work there, money does not matter. In the end what is one dollar more per hour if you hate your job?
  6. by   HMP83
    In Indy (at Clarian and St. Vincent), both new grad RN positions I have been offered have starting rates at about $20/hr for a GN and when you pass boards it is 50 cents more. Plus a 5000 sign on bonus on one of the units.
  7. by   VegasNurse05
    See my detailed reply on the very first page of this forum. I think my post is on page 8 of that thread. Pay in Indianapolis is 20/hour and can go up to 48/hour depending on what shifts you work. It is very lucrative so don't assume that 20 is what you will make.
  8. by   FrogLPN
    Um.......18/hr plus 5% is not 27/hr. That would be a 50% raise.
  9. by   Ceteris Paribus
    Quote from FrogLPN
    Um.......18/hr plus 5% is not 27/hr. That would be a 50% raise.
    Keep in mind that shift differentials for third shift and weekends can also make a BIG difference! One hospital might pay a higher base but sufficiently less for nights and weekends to the point of not being as good as someplace else with a lower base rate.
  10. by   mrowe8
    I was just offered a job in New Orleans as a GN with the start pay of 23.70/hr, time and and a half for overtime, weekends of 4.00, and nights 3.50 added to salary. I think that's pretty good...oh, plus a 4.00 raise after first year.
  11. by   racing-mom4
    Ft.Wayne. 19.5 straight pay, with an additional 1.00 nights and 3.00 weekend and I work baylor~~ Weekend nights~~so I get paid for 36 with only having to work 24. I pick up one night during the week so my paychecks reflect 48 hours of pay.

    So Ok I am now making more than double what I was making as a CNA so how come I am still broke???
  12. by   spider11
    I work just east of Indy, smaller hospital. Starting RN's make $22/hr, +20% nights, +10% more for weekends. (total 30% nights/weekends) Plus...weekend option for RN is extra $11/hr. Weekend option is 2 nights on weeekend +1 night through the week.
  13. by   coltsgrl
    spider...can you tell me what hospital that is? (pm me if you want) thanks
  14. by   inmale
    Do any of the big hospitals around Indy still offer Tuition payback?