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Ok so I was going to Ivy Tech and due to me quitting back in 2005, then coming back Fall 2009 and passing those classes, I was still placed on financial aid termination because of my completion rate... Read More

  1. by   Born2BANurse1
    I think so to. I had a lot of credits transfer from purdue and ivytech so if their credits don't transfer I will still have a lot from the other two schools. They will be fine, in a few yrs everyone is gonna be trying to get in the schools.
  2. by   krogers45
    Congrats on passing the TEAS!!!!!!!! That's great!!! The interview isn't bad at all. They just go over the program again, a little more in depth and make sure that you are really dedicated to obtain this degree. It really wasn't bad at all. Just the normal questions- Why do you want to be a nurse?, What do you think that you could bring to the field of nursing? Your committment? Things of that sort. I would dress up as I would for any interview. I saw some new students that were dressed inappropriately -not sure if it made a difference, but to be on the safe side, it wouldn't hurt if you have the attire.
    Just remember, it's somewhat overwhelming in the beginning- But it DOES get better ( I promise you). Get whatever you can get out of those instructors because most also teach at U of I, IU, Marian, etc during the day. Whatever you don't get in class, I urge you to google and research, research, research! Because as I said before, it is an accelerated course and we all take the same boards and are expected to know as much if not more that the universities.
    Congrats again!!! I apologize for the late response. I don't get on as much as I used to, but I just set my account up to email me when there is a post, so I should respond much quicker next time.

    Let me know if I can answer any more questions. About the school, an instructor, or anything in general

    Awaiting last day (March 22, 2011)
  3. by   krogers45
    Oh, and if I could add one more thing- Although Clarian doesn't accept students that didn't graduate from an NLNAC school, they hire Medical Assistants that have graduated from Med Tech . They also aren't supposed to hire ASN's, only BSN's due to their magnet status- and..... they do. So I really believe that it's who you know within the field. IU also hires MA's that have come from Kaplan and they are not accredited. I really, truly believe that they will eventually hire Med Tech students and other students from new schools due to the demand that EVERYONE is experiencing. I might add that 80% of our instructors work at Clarian and IU as RN's.
  4. by   Emmi7
    Well I went to the interview and go the call later that night that I had been accepted...they have filled all spots already for the September 27th start date so I am accepted as an alternate in the even that someone were to not be able to start for some reason. If no spots become available then I will have a guaranteed spot for January.
    I am praying that I will be able to start sooner rather than later but whatever happens I am just grateful for the opportunity!
    Thanks for the congrats and the good luck
    Congrats to you too for being so close to the end!!
  5. by   tnmRN
    I just took my Teas too and i start on Sept.27th , from wht was discussed with me , it may be another 2 years before the RN gets NLN acc/ but the LPN can transfer once it is acc here pretty soon as someone stated above . I dont know , but i just want to get in and get out so i can then apply to an lpn to RN transition program. I have a friend who is now a graduate of the LPN program at medtech and is currently enrolled for the lpn-bsn at another college online , I think in the Long run Methech will be a great school, I love the idea of no-BreaKSSSSS, because you wont forget stuff as easily . I am thinking about the LPN night classes .
  6. by   Emmi7
    I received a call today and I have officially been accepted and have a secure spot for the September 27th start date! I am so excited!! I am doing the night program. We have orientation on the 20th and the 21st. I am a little worried about the amount that I am going to have to pay monthly, but I am hoping I can either find someone that has the books and buy from them or find some websites that I can purchase them from for cheaper. Then that will cut my out of pocket costs down a lot! Either way I am just excited that I have this opportunity and can't wait until classes start!
  7. by   ErinRN2B
    Good luck, Emmi.
  8. by   Emmi7
    Thank you!