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Anyone heard about or is going through this new program from Indiana State University from The College Network. And if so, what do they mean when they say "completing your clinicals with a local... Read More

  1. by   Chevelle
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    Thanks for the info, Chevelle. I does sound great. I just didn't want it to be too good to be true. I'm sure you get your BSN at the end, but I didn't want some crazy requirements to pop up mid way.......ya know.

    I'll definitly look into it, thanks again.
    I understand. When I heard about it I was so excited, but in the back of my head-I was worried it was all a scam. This is going to be amazing for LPN's! Good luck!
    regarding which isu here & here.

    hope this helps ~ cheers!
  3. by   J Lynn
    SKM, thanks for the link.

    From what I've read, you complete clinicals as you go, not a huge clinical weekend at the end like Excelsior. So as I work, I may gain clinical credits. Or, I wonder if I have to work, then do my clinicals separate without pay. Does anyone understand what I'm trying to say..........I think I'm confusing myself.
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    i just found a yahoo group titled lpn to bsn. they talk about the program with college network and isu. i just joined it. hope to see you guys there too.

    yahoo! groups : lpn to bsn/college network
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    I just found a Yahoo Group titled LPN to BSN. They talk about the program with College Network and ISU. I just joined it. Hope to see you guys there too.

    Oh cool! I am going to check it out! Thanks!
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    Quote from Chevelle
    Oh cool! I am going to check it out! Thanks!
    Chevelle, the link goes to my account. I didn't realize. Go to the your address and type in Yahoo Groups. Then type in the search (lpntobsn). It's the first one on the list.

    Or, you can click on the link that I re-posted and it will take you straight there. Just click "Join Group".
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    Quote from J Lynn
    Chevelle, the link goes to my account. I didn't realize. Go to the your address and type in Yahoo Groups. Then type in the search (lpntobsn). It's the first one on the list.

    Or, you can click on the link that I re-posted and it will take you straight there. Just click "Join Group".
    Sorry, I just sent you an email! When I went to it, it did not take me to your account, it had me to just what you told me. Thanks and I hope that someone can erase that for you just in case!
  8. by   WINGSLPN
    Hi I am currently enrolled in the ISU LPN to BSN program. At this time I am finishing up 4 pre-recs and then I start my nursing classes in August. I am excited to be in this program. TCN has walked me through the process. ISU recommended TCN to prepare me and that they have done. I choose to take the 4 classes at my local community college cause I just could not see myself testing out of statistics lol. I am doing 3 study guides. I can't wait to do this. I will be taking 6-hours a week of clinical with my nursing classes at a local hospital that is contracted with TCN and ISU. The Ohio Board of Nursing and the NLN also acknowledged the LPN to BSN at ISU and also TCN so I felt good about enrolling and signing on. It is more expensive this way but cuts out the middle man and paper work.
  9. by   VinoLover2030
    Hi wings could you email me .I am considering dropping out of the lpn to ASN program I AM in right now at Rio grande.Im in cincinnati,ohio the drive is 3 hours once per week.Its getting old.The only positives is that fin aid covers my bill with money to spare and I would graduate in spring of 2007.I just dont know what to do.??I want my BSN but I wasnt sure about ISU program

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  10. by   Stacinet1
    I spoke with a representative from Indiana State University online. I got quite a bit of info from her. They have an associates of RN program too. We estimated costs for this and it would be around $8000 for me to complete what I need (including the micro course online). There are study guides so you don't have to buy books but you also have to pay for each exam, which for me ranged from $70 - $215 for each one taken at Sylvan (I think I needed to take 6 of them). You can CLEP out on some things. If I were you, I would try to contact a representative and get all the info you can. I do know that financial aid and student loans do not cover this program and if you have any other student loans (like I do from my LPN certification) then you can't get the grace period (the pause in repayment while you attend school full time). But they do offer 100% financing through their school. To me it seems somewhat comparable plus there's the convenience of doing it whenever you can especially for people who NEED to work full-time. They guarantee that you will pass each course, but I'm not sure what their NCLEX pass rate looks like. It doesn't matter how good the school works for you if you can't pass the NCLEX. Good luck!
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  11. by   ShortyLPN
    Hey Ya'll. I haven't posted in quite a while and I saw this thread. I am enrolled in The College Network. It is a good program...but be very careful..it can be misleading. The college network is actually a publishing company. They provide you with study guides to take tests to basically test out of a course. I have heard that you don't even need this. To take the tests, you have to take the tests through Excelsior college. You don't actually enroll into the college, but take the excelsior examinations. It's kind of confusing. Also, once you sign your name on that paper...they have you..it is BINDING. You have 3 days to cancel. Cmon...you don't even have your study guides by then. They have you under contract that they will not let you out of..even if you lose your job. Luckily, I have alot of my credits so I only have to take about 8 classes. I am taking my first Excelsior test on Monday.:smackingf As said before..just taking the test can be expensive...mine are about $160. But you think about what regular tuition would be and all the time spent in the classroom, it's not all that bad. All in all I do think it is a good program to be in...but just BE SURE that that is what you want before signing anything! Good luck to everyone!!!!!!!:wink2:
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    a couple of the LPNs where I work have been in this program for about a year, and are very satisfied with the program. I plan on doing the MSN online here in about a year, too busy doing other stuff right now....
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    You guys have posted some very good information. I am going to call to find out some additional information. Thanks for the input from all of you guys. I actually signed up for the Yahoo Group as well. (Waiting to get approved . . .) Toodles!!