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This is the "Not In" thread, or for anyone that's planning on applying for Spring Semester by the Sept 1st deadline. We need love too! :loveya: My Boring Stats: A's in prereq's except ANP... Read More

  1. by   csab
    Since the summer semester is over, maybe the testing center won't be too bad. . . unless there are a lot of people trying to take the Compass so they can start classes. I read that starting in fall semester, they will require people to make an appt. to take the TEAS at Indy.

    I'm still planning on being at the info session next Tuesday, anyone else?
  2. by   JM625
    I took the TEAS 2 weeks ago and the center was packed. I got there right when it opened and there was still a line.
  3. by   csab
    I took my final for Aphy 201 on Aug. 4th at the Lawrence testing center (last day of the term) and I got there about 9am and it wasn't busy at all. It was actually the fastest I've ever gotten in to a computer and while I was there, there were only a handful of people. It all just depends I guess.
  4. by   JM625
    Have you submitted your application yet? Which campuses are you applying to? How did you feel about Aphy 201?
  5. by   csab
    Oops sorry I meant Aphy 102, not 201. I'm taking 201 this fall.

    I'm applying to the RN program at Indy. Haven't submitted the application materials yet because I just found out I had to order new official transcripts from my previous college to be sent to me, even though in the nursing info FAQ packet it says you can get copies of official transcripts that were submitted directly to Ivy Tech by previous colleges--when I went to get the copies, I was told they can't give out copies of other college's transcripts. Very annoying but oh well, let the hoop-jumping of the next few years begin LOL.
  6. by   JM625
    I ordered and paid for official transcripts too... then when I submitted my application, since I'm not transferring anything from my Bachelor's degree I didn't need to submit them... waste of money for me but oh well! I submitted my application to RN Indy and Columbus, just in case
  7. by   csab
    So you didn't need to submit officials if you weren't using any classes from them for the 4 pre-reqs? I guess that means I don't have to submit the one from the college I graduated from. I'll only have to submit the one from my first college, where I took Eng and Psych. I thought I'd have to submit the one I graduated from as well because it proves I graduated so my 22-yr old credits will still be good for the Eng and Psych. (I thought that if you haven't graduated/gotten at degree, then credits for non-sciences were only good for 10 yrs, so I wanted to prove I graduated).
  8. by   JM625
    No I didn't... but I'm not transferring any classes from my degree... I think you can only transfer credits if they're less than 10 years old... but I'm not sure!
  9. by   csab
    Non-science credits will transfer no matter how long ago, if you have a degree. If no degree, then yeah usually they only are good for 10 yrs or so depending on the college. Science/math credits usually are only good for 5-7 yrs no matter if you have a degree or not. But I didn't take any math or science before so I knew I had to take them all now. I already know I got transfer credit for Psych and Eng (they show up on my Ivy Tech transcript now), but I just wanted to make sure the nursing chairs knew they could still be counted.
  10. by   JM625
    That's good to know cause I had some friends that were worried their credits would not transfer... I can't wait for letters to go out! It will be a stressful month and a half
  11. by   MistyMiss
    I have a feeling one of the reasons that they changed the testing to appointment only had to do with the retake rush before the deadline. I hope I am wrong!

    Chris, I can't find my schedule for the information sessions anywhere, what time is it on Tuesday? Three?
  12. by   csab
    It's at 2pm on Tuesday.
  13. by   wifey08
    Anyone know when the next Ivy Tech Anderson Nursing Advising Orientation is? I searched the website and nothing. I plan to go up there on Monday to find out. I already went to one, but it was alot of info and I'm sure things change and I don't want to get caught off guard.

    Oh I also wanted to add that I was going to take the CNA program at Ivy and they said they would mail the applications mid July.......yeah it's almost the end of August....still nothing. I emailed them and haven't heard anything back.