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This is the "Not In" thread, or for anyone that's planning on applying for Spring Semester by the Sept 1st deadline. We need love too! :loveya: My Boring Stats: A's in prereq's except ANP... Read More

  1. by   RNwntaB
    Quote from Lennonninja
    I believe how it works (not sure, and it's probably different at each campus) is that if any ASN spots open up after the first semester (and only the first semester) they offer the spot or spots to the highest ranked PN students. So if 2 ASN places opened up, they would ask the 2 PN students with the highest admission rankings (grades and TEAS scores) if they would like to move to the ASN program.
    I've been told that you must apply to both programs to be eligible to move to the ASN program...
    Even if you have the highest score, they'll skip over you if you didn't apply to the ASN program.

    Positive thoughts to everyone!! :luvnltr:
  2. by   davilynlovesdaniel
    Sunny--the same thing happened to me last semester. I was so upset. I did not feel as thought they thourougly explained that in the meetings. I thought that since Ivy Tech had my official transcript I was fine, it has also happened to two other people that I know of, so don't feel alone. I know the kind of discouragement that comes along with it, so if you need someone to talk to I am here. Trust me I cried for weeks.

    I just don't know maybe it is a bad thing, but I am just very relaxed about the letters this time around. I guess it is due to me already knowing what that denial felt like and now I figure the "worse" case scenerio has already became material for me. I just put it into God's hands at this point. Congrats to those who made it...and strength for those who didn't.:wshgrt:
  3. by   carlosnindy
    No letter from Indy Ivy in the mail today. Wait is killing me.
  4. by   csab
    well poop. My mail isn't here yet today but I was thinking the Indy letters might come today.
  5. by   carlosnindy
    I was hoping as well. I watched as she passed my house on the way in and waited for her to come back only to find nothing but poop mail for my wife. Another day to wait.
  6. by   csab
    So Davilyn and Sunny, did you guys have official transcripts from your other colleges that you submitted with the nursing application? Is the issue they're saying is a problem that you didn't have official ones with the Registrar as well? THat just doesn't make sense to me. Or, was it that you do have official ones with the Registrar but didn't include one with your applications?

    Carlos, my mailman should be here soon so I'll update as soon as he gets here!
  7. by   Luckymom2
    I didn't get anything in the mail today from the Fort Wayne campus. This wait is driving me crazy! I have gone through half a bottle of Tums this week. Congrats to those who have gotten their letters and Good Luck to those still waiting.
  8. by   AnneMarie
    Ugh, Sunny--I'm so sorry you're dealing with that. What a mess. I just don't understand what they were wanting you to do? Did you get the opportunity to actually speak to someone to find out what you have to do differently if you decide to apply again?

    I am at work and can't check my mail until this evening--I already called my neighbor to see if she could check it for me! haha! Obsessed much?!

    The waiting continues....
  9. by   csab
    Nothing from Indy today. I think it was Sunny who said Indy was mailing out letters on Friday? But maybe she meant Evansville because that is the campus that sent her the letter about her transcript? (she said she was in the office trying to figure things out). Whatever, doesn't matter I guess, because there was no letter in the mailbox from Indy today.
  10. by   MistyMiss
    Guess I will quit mailman stalking today!
  11. by   sunny1230
    I meant indy...when i was there on friday the girl said she was in the process of mailing them out while i was there. i was surprised by my lack of a letter today, too
  12. by   JM625
    My friend called... they were mailed this morning from Indy
  13. by   2bsy2slp
    No letter for me today either!!! I am really trying not to go crazy but I don't think that's an opition!!! I am the most impatient person I know, and I feel that the gods above must be enjoying this!!! Thank goodness for homework and the kids...they are keeping me occupied...another day...more waiting..