Ivy Tech LPN - Sit-out 1 year?

  1. I've heard recently that if you take the LPN program at Ivy Tech (Columbus) - you must then sit out 1 year before applying for the RN program....
    Just wondering why this would be?

    I know when I spoke w/ Ivy Tech, they really pushed the LPN program 1st & then go for the bridge to RN....

    Of course, my GOAL will be to get straight into the RN program...especially if you have to sit out 1 year....(But I'm sure the other 500 people applying will have the same goal)
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  3. by   HARRN2b
    It is true that you sit out. Actually it is 9 months. The reason is this: you start your lpn in the fall and finish in the summer the following year. You then wait until the following beginning of summer to start the transition program. You join the rest of the group in the fall.
  4. by   WickedRedRN
    It depends...yes you would have to wait if you start your program with the fall class. I attend Columbus and started with the Spring class last January. I graduate Dec 15, and have until Feb 1st to make application to the RN bridge program. As long as I have taken and passed my boards prior to Feb 1, I can apply. (and plan on doing this.) Transition classes do not start until May, so I have some time to work as an LPN, and finish a pre-req.

    Good Luck and HTH!
  5. by   RNwntaB
    Thanks for shedding some light on this for me! I really appreciate the explanations you two gave!!
    (LoriRN2B - Congrats on your up-coming Graduation!)

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