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:balloons: According to the receptionist, they were sent out yesterday 2-25. I'll be waiting for the postman tomorrow. Wooohooo! All this uncertainty can finally come to an end! I WANT TO KNOW! Good... Read More

  1. by   LIZ07
    Well huh. THats not good. Now I'm considering not even doing it because I can go to Purdue and be in. Only its for liberal arts not something I'm to interested in but maybe after some time in that prgram I could transfer to nursing? Hmm I don't know I appreciate all your help though=-)
  2. by   LIZ07
    Do you know what this appointment/interview might be about? I mean I'm so confused why did I get a letter of acceptance if I'm not accepted?
  3. by   montinurse
    Quote from LIZ07
    Do you know what this appointment/interview might be about? I mean I'm so confused why did I get a letter of acceptance if I'm not accepted?
    They probably want you to talk to a career counselor since you said you wanted to register for classes and you're a new student. Every new student needs to talk with a counselor to help get you set in your program, etc.. Don't worry about being confused, the appointment will answer alot of your questions, I'm sure... What office was the appointment with?
  4. by   montinurse
    Quote from LIZ07
    Do you know what this appointment/interview might be about? I mean I'm so confused why did I get a letter of acceptance if I'm not accepted?
    The letter of acceptance was for the college, they send those out to all new students saying that you're in.. Whose name was at the bottom of the letter, who signed it? Depending on what you want to do, you'll have to take college assessment tests to see where you stand in math, english, reading comp, etc. You'll also need to take the nursing entrance tests before applying to a nursing program. The PSB for the LPN, and the TEAS for the RN. I would recommend waiting to take both tests until you have at least Anatomy 1 under your belt. It helped me out alot, and I took both tests. Good luck, Jenny
  5. by   LIZ07
    Thanks! The letter wasn't really signed by anyone it just said Sincerely the admission staff. The interview is with the health department. What will they ask me? If I went to school for something else for two years would I have a better chance of being accepted after graduating?
  6. by   tonicareer
    Ivy Tech has selective admission into it's nursing program - they have a packet of info they can give you with the details for either LPN or RN. All nursing programs in Indiana are selective (in otherwords you have to do certain things to get in - prereqs, tests, physical, references, personal interview). The programs are very competitive to get into - often there are 400 to 800 people applying for each slot at each Ivy Tech or other colleges in Indiana. For instance I have all the prereqs with a 4.0 but so do other people - so I haven't gotten in - after a certain number of years your classes time out and you might have to repeat them. I would go to the interview with a list of questions - ask for the packet of info, gather all printed documents there and then go home and read them and then ask more questions. Purdue is more expensive than Ivy Tech and their nursing program is probably just as competitive to get into. Just taking a bunch of classes won't help to get into a school - you need to know what classes to take specifically and must get a certain grade to stay in a program. For instance if you take a biology class at Purdue - it might not be the correct biology class Ivy Tech requires for it's nursing programs - same goes for Anatomy and Physiology and other types of classes. Make sure you know what to do - it is up to you to know because advisors don't always give you the correct info. Good Luck!
  7. by   jen07
    Congratulations Jenny! A little late but I wanted to wish you the best of luck. And Liz, it sounds like your in the same spot as me. You didn't say how old you were? I'm just graduating from highschool this May so I don't have any pre reqs done yet and if its the same for you, what the interview is for is to register for those. No you won't be in a nursing program but you will be on the right track. When you go t won't be a one on one interview like you're probably expecting there will be other people there also, no one is going to ask you tricky questions so relax. You will simply get information on the program and a schedule for classes and have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. If you don't know what classes you need to take take your papers to the advisor and she will help you with it and tell you what you need to take. After you get it filled out she will go over it and check it and have you take it to the registrars office. And there ya go! You will be scheduled for your classes If nursing is something you really want to do just set your mind to it and acheive it!! Best of luck to you!
  8. by   LIZ07
    I'm graduating in May too! Well sort of I'm homeschooled. What pre reqs do I need to take? If there's so many of them do I need to take them all? After completing all of them will I be in the nursing program or will I have to reaply? What campus are you going to?