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what is a typical schedule for the ASN program. I have NO Idea. anyone?... Read More

  1. by   hstokes2
    Masonsmommy and IndyIvy, Just wanted to ease your minds a bit regarding Pharmacology. I just finished up the 8 week summer course. It was not as unbearable as I had been told. I finished with a high B with only studying the night before and moring of exams (had a busy summer). It consisted mainly of memorization skill, thus the course is repetitive rather than difficult. You guys will do great, dont fret. Only a couple more weeks until classes, enjoy the rest of your summer!!
  2. by   IndyIvy
    thanks for that info! I am SOOO Scared and nervous!
  3. by   wifey08
    Quote from indymom4
    I have also been flattened a couple times due to last minute schedule changes. I have arranged child care and paid for it in advance, only to have it change at the very last minute. When that happens, I have to scramble to make new arrangements and it's not easy or fun. BUT....it's part of the process that is nursing school. It's not always easy, not always fun, but we do what we must. The other alternative is telling everyone that will listen how evil Ivy Tech is. Bottom line: Nursing school is like boot camp. You are jumping through hoops from day one. Ivy Tech offers a great education and you can't argue with the price. I don't like being a puppet on a string either, but I don't think that's just Ivy Tech. It's everywhere. It's 2 years of your life. If you can't be flexible for school, how are you going to flexible as a nurse?
    So basically for 2 years of your life, you don't know your class schedule until the last minute and it changes every semester and you must to be flexible...wow...
  4. by   sunnysideup09
    Just like this upcoming semester...clinical sections are being combined, so we students don't know exactly our clinical days until next week when they get back from break. It's crazy, but it's not easy finding adjuncts who want to do clinicals or are even able to.