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  1. Hi, I am a Med-Surg/Ortho RN. I am sick and tired of working with a bunch of people that sit around and talk about others! I consider myself a honest and assertive person and stand up for what I believe in. I have seen that other people on my unit can't stand that and now are turning the tables on me. I believe that if you are going to say something about someone, you are better off telling that person to their face rather than behind their backs. I also feel that if someone has something bad to say about that person to me, I will be true to the person and stand in their place. This happened to me. I stuck in there and then told me true friend what had happened and now all of suddened I am a liar. Next time I will keep my mouth shut--but it is hard because I know that it won't stop. Anyways, I am looking for a new job! YAY! Is it like this everywhere?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    There is some form of office politics at every workplace. Atmospheres run the gamut from mild to toxic. Unless it is really bad, you should reconsider changing jobs every time you find gossipy co-workers. You have to learn how to focus on the job and be friendly enough with everybody without getting overly involved with the bs. Those other people don't pay your bills.
  4. by   ooper3076
    Its very hard to keep your mouth shut, isn't?
  5. by   gitterbug
    On any given day, on any shift, on any unit at any facility gossip can and often does rear its ugly head. It is practical to learn how to do a good job, be kind, caring, competent, and quiet. Learn to count to ten before speaking, it saves a lot of foot in mouth problems. I wish you luck and hope you have a blessed day.
  6. by   areeve01
    I've worked in many different nursing environments and it's the same story different place. There are always going to be those personality types who thrive on making other people's lives miserable.
    The only job that you get away from this totally is homecare or work from home. I did homecare for a couple of years, doing home infusion (chemo). It felt like I was an independant contractor working for myself. I started from home and went back home. Never really saw anyone unless there was a mtg.
    Now work from home doing case mgmnt and love it! Avoiding office politics is one of the biggest perks!
    Just keep your chin up b/c those types will always bury themselves... It's hard at times, but resist the urge to buy-in to their smack talk of others. You peers will respect you deep down that your a loyal dependable co-worker.
  7. by   psalm
    I try to state something positive about the person being smeared, if I am in the midst of talk (charting at nsg. station and can't help but overhear). Makes me wonder what is said about me when I am not present.

    ie)" Nurse Rachett called in again, that's the 3rd time this month".

    My Comment: Oh, I hope she is okay, are you praying for her?
  8. by   naskippy
    Well get this...I am a traveling nurse on assignment in Dallas, TX (my home is in Indiana). Several of the other nurses and Charge Nurse complain because I do not sit at the desk and help them answer the phone....(they are normally sitting there gossiping) Not to mention the Charge Nurse gets paid extra and takes a half load of patients so she has time to answer the phone and other duties. Then these nurses stay and have to work 1-2 hrs overtime each morning to get thier work done and are pissed because I leave on time. Guess it makes them look bad that I work all night and leave on time. When confronted by 2 of the regular Charge Nurses about all this I simply stated to them that I was doing my work so I could get out in the morning on time and go home and that I had no desire to sit at the desk and listen to their jaws rattle all night...well I know that was not well recieved, but that shut them up and I don't hear about it anymore.

    Point being, no matter where you go you see the same and similar crap going on everywhere. The Manager has caught on to those like them waisting time and milking the clock and addressed this in the last staff meeting...I have no fear that they will say anything to her as they fear getting in trouble themselves.

    Good Luck

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