Indiana Dabney or Everest College?

  1. Has anyone ever heard of this school? It is in northwest indiana. Its a accelerated RN program. 15 month RN program for ASN. I am a little confused becasue Ivy Tech is saying that there is a list for both PN and RN programs but I dont wanna be just waiting around. I am thinking about dabney but its 32 grand & no financail aide! I was also thinking about Everest College for LPN and transitioning somewhere but...I dont know.

    ANy Reqs?

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  3. by   teacher08
    I went to Dabney University's open house. Evertyhing appeared to be ok. I just do not have the 32K for tuition. I reviewed the Indiana Board of Nursing school pass rate and did not see a current pass rate for Dabney.

    Plenty of people have thier personal pros and cons about City Colleges, Universities, Trade/Vocational Schools, and Private Schools. At the end of the day it all depends on whether you will be permitted to sit for the NCLEX. Do you plan to bridge to another programs where Dabney's credits are accepted? If not, do you have a problem taking specific courses over to meet the bridge requirements.

    I truly understand your position because a few of my associates and myself are in the same boat on deciding what school to attend. Chamberlain, Brown Mackie, Dabney, North West Institute of Health and Technology, etc. All the previous schools named are private. The tuition is ridiculous however each one will put us in a position of working as an LPN or RN (Chamberlain).

    My friend's brother is attending Brown Mackie while I took my first Chemistry class at the cc. Well, while I'm still trying to decide on which school to attend (for nursing or physical therapy), he will complete his LPN program by October, 2009. I haven't even started. Will he be able to work? Yes.

    Two young ladie in my chemistry class graduated from BM and one from Everest because they grew tired of the cc's. They both work and make between $23(LTC) - $28(Hospice) an hour. I was furious because neither of them have an associate while I bust my but for a M.Ed. I am happy for them though.

    I once read a post here where a people were being criticized for attending overly priced trade/vocational school for an LPN program. Well, the poster mentioned she paid at least 20K for a LPN program and is presently employed while others are still trying to make a decision.

    At the end of the conversations, small talk, backlash about schools, what others will tell you what they did, how horrible one school is over another...please understand, each persons situation is uniquely different in conjunction with individual preferences and family/economic situation.

    Enough of my rambling. Just make the best decision for you based on your current situtations (family, economic, emotional, and physical ability/stamina to endure the program requirements). It really doen't matter what anyone else thinks, believes, swears by, etc. As long as you are capable of sitting for the NCLEX, working, and can transfer classes OR take the classes over. Best wishes.
  4. by   JincyCRNA2b
    currently i am attending the everest college lpn program in indiana,,there are 3 levels and i am in in my 3rd one now, finishing in december17, (count down begins)....i would recommend this school to anyone who wants to do an LPN program. everyone there has been wonderful, and they offer financial aid. it is easy to get into and easy to graduate...
  5. by   KSYKES
    I graduated from Everest about a year ago. The program is excellent don't even worry about passing nclex. They really prepare you for the test and everything you will experience out in the nursing world. 3rd level you made it congratulations.
  6. by   Hotnurse06
    I would just make sure that the school you decide to attend has their NLN, which accredits on a regional level. Also, many of the hospitals in Central Indiana require their employees to be graduates of schools that have their NLN. But definitely, check for yourself and call some of the hospitals and ask.

    Here is NLNAC link
  7. by   Lovecats85
    can you tell me more about your experience at everest? I could not really find much information on Dabney. I went to their open house and I was not crazy about it. i love the thought of a 15 month program, but it was not enough for me to go back and pursue it.