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This is a stupid question, but, what are the nurses called that go into people's homes for insurance companies/workman's comp purposes and do exams? Paramedical RN's right? Or do I have the name completely wrong here?

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One that took specimens for drug testing, and did an "exam" for a company that tried to sell my husband life ins turned out to be a medical asst. Not a nurse.


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Is a paramedical someone that does independent exams in homes for insurance companies? I'm trying to get the right name of this type of position? Thanks...


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Maybe it depends on the state you are in as to what they are called?

I am in PA. I just had a brief physical history taken last weekend, blood and urine specimens also taken for Life insurance purposes. This was all done in my home by a Medical Assistant.

I would imagine that if you are examining someone under workman's comp you would have to have more med. and assessment exp. than a med. assist can provide.

I will work extremely hard my Nursing License. Once I get it I don't want anyone calling me anything other than RN. I will have worked very hard for that RN behind my name :D


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I worked in an office (examination insurance services) that had a staff of 15 Phlebotomist's that went into peoples homes to do life insurance exams for many different insurance companies. Their title was simply, Phlebotomist. They had to have completed a phlebotomy course and CPR training. The staff doctor trained them on the rest (BP etc.) None of them were RN's or even CNA's.

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I did that in Ohio and had RN on my name tag. Field RN on my job description. Since I was contract I had to carry my own which I always carry.


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