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income of nurses

by binger0919 binger0919 (New) New

I was just wondering what most nurses make and if overtime is ever an option when working as a nurse?


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It depends on several factors: geographical location, level of education, specialty, whether you're in a hospital or private practice, experience, etc.

But yes, I've heard of a lot of nurses pulling extra shifts for overtime in my area. That and some of them have a full time job at one place and a PRN job on the side elsewhere.

You're best off visiting a site like salary.com or using the allnurses search engine to find threads for your specific location.

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bill4745, RN

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I get all the OT I can handle. My OT is cheaper than an agency nurse, plus they know what my performance is like.


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Our OT rate is 2x our regular hourly rate. There is OT nearly every day but then we have nine empty positions on my unit.

nursemary9, BSN, RN

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I work in Chicago where the pay is good, but the cost of living is also high. We have LOTS of overtime here, as we are usually short.

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