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It would be difficult giving you examples. I do understand blunt and when some is just being a butt.

I served 20 years in the Army so I really do know the difference between being blunt and just being rude.

Nursing is a second career for me so I was expecting a different culture and mindset among co-workers.

I guess I maybe expecting to much from a profession that is suppose to be compassionate.

Specializes in PMHNP-BC.

I started work at a new facility as a manager and maybe because I was new or who knows why but staff told me about really abusive behavior coming from one nurse. I didn't rush to judge just paid attention. We were doing flu shots and her team was out late. I went to check on her, she was red in the face, ranting "f.. this place, if we do flu shots next year I am calling off." I found relief for her and asked her to take a break but the other nurses said this was not unusual, she was repeatedly abusive. I spoke with the DON who said "oh she is just a little blunt." I then asked the DON to call her with a question, during that conversation she threatened the DON, making her a believer. Long story short....they all knew her so didn't see anything wrong until there was an outside perspective. It was a gradual change and it turns out she had cancer with mets so the brain. That explained the behavior but not the blind eye everyone turned up to that point. Good luck, it was tough to get anyone to listen to me until they had to.

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