In term of better living environment, Phoenix better or Kansas City better?

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Any nurses have expeirences to tell the pros and cons of either Phoenix or Kansas Ctiy? I have two daughters, I want them grow up in a nice environment. Also, I consider the financial benefits too.




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Hi Amy,

I moved to Scottsdale Arizona from Kansas City, four years ago.

I love it here and the weather is the main reason. I always wanted to live where I could go outside everyday. It is beautiful.

I lived in KC (Mission) all of my life and loved it as well. I raised my daughter there and think it is an exceptional place to raise children, not to mention the superior academic opportunities there.

If my daughter would have still been in school and living with me, I would have never have left KC. The school system in Arizona is less than medicore. I taught for eight years at JCCC and then taught here at Phoenix CC. The difference was huge!! The quality of education here is not good. So I would definatly encourage you to wait until your kids are out of school, or be prepared to find a good private school here.

The cost of living is comparable, although housing has increased in the past few years. Let me know if I can give you any other information.

Good luck!


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I lived in Olathe (suburb) and went to school at JCCC (probably when you were teaching, Touch!). While I would never buy another home in Olathe, the town of badly built new homes, it was a TREMENDOUS place to raise children. Sidewalks, bike trails, parks, smaller neighborhood elementary schools, great neighbors, great schools and teachers, fully stocked school library (with librarian!), smaller size classes...yes, it was wonderful. I worked at KU, in research, and loved my job there. I also taught school one year in the Shawnee Mission school district, so I can also say from a teacher's eye view that the schools tend to back up the teachers.

However, Kansas is cold in the wintertime, and it snows quite a lot. Traffic is heavy. Home prices are expensive (well, to me anyway). But my main reasons for moving were to be farther away from my exhusband and closer to my aging parents.


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Thanks TouchRN and Hypnotic_nurse for replies.

Your answers have helped me to make the decision to move to KC area. For the sake of my children education, I may stay in KC.

I still have two questions before I finalize the decision.

1. Is KC experiencing as much nursing shortage as Phoenix? In term of nursing, which areas are better? How about pay and opportunities?

2. Are there any major pollution or crime problems in either KC or Phoenix?

Thanks again for helps!



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Kansas is windy. Smog tends to blow away there.

I know there were plenty of nursing jobs in 2001 when I left (I doubt that's changed). Since my only job in the field there was at KUMC, I couldn't tell you what areas are most needed. I really enjoyed the university, though.


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You are making a good decision to stay in KC!! Phoenix has now become the fifth largest city in the nation and with that, comes other problems. Traffic is horrible, the air quality is poor, and crime is increasing. And it is just going to get worse. We are planning on staying here for a few more years and moving on!!

I would suggest that you stay on the Kansas side and take full advantage of the Shawnee Mission school district. It is very highly ranked nationally.

You don't need to be concerned with air quality there. And of course crime is everywhere, but if you stay in the mid to Northern Johnson county area, it is not a problem. The cost of housing is more reasonalbe in KC than AZ and I think the quality of life (especially for your girls) is better in KC. The only thing that far outranks KC in AZ is the weather!!

The nursing shortage is a national problem, so I wouldn't think finding a job would be too difficult.

Good luck and let me know if you have any more questions :)

suzanne4, RN

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What a surprise to find you actually at your computer right now........


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However, Kansas is cold in the wintertime, and it snows quite a lot. Traffic is heavy. Home prices are expensive (well, to me anyway).

lol... sorry to crash the thread, but I had to comment- DH had an opportunity to transfer to KC 2 years ago. I was in school at the time, working part-time for the same company under a separate division, and DH's boss offered me first a cushy office job and then to pay for my schooling in KC, if we would go. We almost did, for two reasons- milder winters and affordable housing! :chuckle

Isn't it funny how different things can look from a different perspective?


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:chuckle You got that right! I wasn't thinking of anything but Oklahoma when I wrote that!

A good friend of mine is from Minnesnowta (as he likes to call it) and says that when he retires he's going to strap a snow shovel to the front of his car and when people start asking "What is that?" that's where home will be!


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Thanks to everyone for all the replies!

I will definitely to stay in KC area. The hospital in Phoenix gave me $6000 bonus, the hospital hired me in KC does not give any bonus. I thought about working in AZ for two years, then come back to KC. It may not be worth it when it comes moving expenses and higher expenses in Phoenix. I guess $6000 is nothing comparing to my children education in the long run.

thanks to all the nice people helping others here.


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