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In need of tips to manage my stress

:uhoh3: Can some body help me? I've started my first semester, 5 more to go and I think I'm gonna die from the stress! So much end of term schoolwork to do, I have troubles managing school and work. I would appreciate ANY advice. Thanks!

lil' girl, LPN

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If it is possible quit work, you have enough on your plate w/out that worry. I don't work, but go to school 4 hrs a day and 4hrs 2 nites a week and have 2 kids and a hubby and that is nuff!!! I don't know how you work and go to school, I just could not handle it!!

So, thats my advice, quit work if you can. And try not to let school worry you (easier said than done I know) !!

Good luck

PRAY!!!!! EAT!!!!!!!! SLEEP!!!!!!! Seriously, if you have a best friend, hubby, boyfriend or pet..spend time with them..talk to them....listen to the radio/cd player on the way to school or back and sing to the top of your lungs...go to a football game and scream,yell.....play around with study habits..talk to classmates on how they remember things, how they are coping..read nursing journals and mags ( this will help with terminology,diseases etc,el ) also every day see yourself as a nurse...take it one day at time and do not worry about the next whatever...GOOD LUCK !!!

Here are a few more:

1.First and foremost is to try to get as much free money from financial aid (grants, scholarships) as possible, and either cut back on working or don't work at all if you can.

2. Tune out the instructor when she starts to act catty.

3. Listen to Enya's CDs.

4. If Enya doesn't quite cut it for you then go for something more severely relaxing like Hennie Bekker's Tranquility CDs.

5. Hang out on the beach (or by the pool) with a good fiction novel during study breaks.

6. Sleep well, eat well, and go walking or running for an hour at least a couple times a week. (A good workout is an excellent stressbuster, too).

7. Make friends with people who take success seriously, and form study groups with them.

8. Go out and have fun once in a while with your friends (or significant other).

9. Map out your syllabus for the entire semester and budget a fixed amount of your study time for each day. This helps to keep up with the reading, other assignments, and also to prep for exams. :)

RainDreamer, BSN, RN

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This is all excellent advice! I think they've all said the things that I use to help relieve stress, can't really add much more to it. I run when I get stressed out. Music also really helps calm me down. Like the previous poster said, get some Enya CDs, they work for me.

How many hours a week are you working now?

Hi y'all!:) Thanks for the tips, but I can't stop working. I am getting financial help, though. As for that beach thing, I could, but I'd get a frostbite! I live in montreal, Canada, and it's winter here! And you should see the girls in nursin: they don't care about classes and they're not serious at all, except for three or four girls. I'm the odd one there, worrying for my grades and my clinical, so...But hey, I'll survive! Anyway, thanks for the tips, they're really good!

akcarmean, LPN

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Give yourself a pep talk every morning. Tell yourself that today you can accomplish what you need to do, try to relax more, and not worry so much. Say your name and your new title. Give your self an confidence boost every day. Cant hurt. Good luck. The other suggestions are also very good. I was low in my self confidence and this seemed to help me. Good luck.


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