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In need of honest feedback

by marples marples (New) New

Looking for some advice, I have thick skin so be blunt and honest, I promise you won't hurt my feelings…..So in a nut shell I have a crazy past and have since turned my life around. I am also looking to apply to nursing school this fall. I have somewhere around ten misdemeanor convictions. Two of these were previously felonies that have since been dropped down to misdemeanors. Thanks prop 47:) Some for being under the influence of drugs/alcohol and some for theft (directly related to my substance abuse issues). None related to any sort of violence/abuse. I have been clean and sober and have stayed out of trouble now for 4 years. I am in the process of expunging my record even though I realize nursing schools/the state nursing board will be able to see everything anyways. I live in California by the way. I have a ton of proof of rehabilitation. I lived in a recovery home for a year, have a sponsor, go to AA meetings several days a week, sponsor other women, have been gainfully employed for several years now, got out of debt, got off probation, have an active license again, got promoted at my job, have letters of recommendations from both my previous and current employers as well as from my sponsor, and counselors in the program I was in etc…..you get the picture. I have a bachelor's degree from UCSB, a 4.0 in all my pre-req classes and am currently studying to take the TEAS exam in the near future. Ok now to the point, I want to know if anyone out there has experience with having a criminal record and were still able to get a nursing license. I'm not talking about the people who got a DUI when they were 19 or got caught shoplifting once when they were 18. I mean someone like myself that has a legitimate marked record. Someone that didn't make one mistake once ten years ago, but someone who was a **** show over an extended period of time, cleaned up their act, and made something of themselves. Or if you even know of someone in my situation that would be awesome. Any and all advice, words of wisdom, critiques, and opinions are welcome. Thank you in advance.

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If you have read any of the other posts on this site you will know that no two cases are the same. The BON's are fickle and do as they please depending on how they feel that day. It would seem your best course of action is to speak with the school you are interested in and giving them the full story. Speak to an attorney that specializes in licensure cases. I can't give you legal advice, but honestly I think you have a tough road to hoe. Your resilience in commendable and you have done a stellar job in turning your life around. I wish you the best of luck.

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WOW! If you are really like the person in your post, you have my support and definitely deserve a full-on second chance.

So many of the whiners on here want to live in their denial that it was someone else's fault and they are getting a raw deal. It is possible to move forward. It may take more than one try at a school or job so expect a little pushback. Let your past just be the stepping stone to get you a great life and career in Nursing.

Next June I will be 30 years clean and sober. ODAAT.


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Congratulations on your sobriety and all your accomplishments! I think you can have a meaningful and wonderful career ahead of you....and I am not sure health care is it. Here is why - getting your license is just half the battle. You also have to get a job. Unless you are in a rural underserved area of California, you will be completing against a pile of new graduates - who do not have a record. Also, since you offenses are related to substance use/abuse, you might want to think about how YOU will handle being around so many fabulous drugs all the time. Your future employers will wonder the same. As a disclaimer, I do not have a record, and I am not in recovery. I am a hiring manager. Hope this helps - I hope you prove me wrong!