how important are letters of rec. from professors?


I have not yet graduated, but I will in December of this year. I was wondering how important it is to have references from professors in nursing school when applying for my first job. How many references do I need? And do they have to be from clinical instructors? or can they be from my classroom instructors? We haven't done our critical care clinical rotation yet, and that is the area I'd like to work in. I'm hoping that if I do well in that clinical and stand out to my clinical instructor, then maybe I can get a rec. from him/ her as well as from the nurse who precepts me for our senior preceptorship. Would that be enough?

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Congratulations! The end is in sight! You will need at least 2 letters of references from clinical instructors when looking for a job after you graduate. The clinical instructors are the ones that know your performance in the clinical setting.


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Thanks!! Would a recommendation from my preceptor for my senior preceptorship work too?

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I actually have an interview tomorrow and I graduated Dec 2012. I'm really excited. I'm using my clinical instructor from my community health rotation and my preceptor and that was on a med surg floor. A lot of hospitals ask for two but I know there are some that don't ask for any. You're almost there you will be done before you know it :)