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Immunocompromised nurses and COVID-19

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Does anyone know if there are any recommendations for how to manage healthcare workers who are immunocompromised during this covid-19 pandemic?  I am a nurse in a long term care facility and the management has decided to designate my unit as "Covid-19 central"and plans to cohort all positive and suspected positive cases on my unit.  I am immunocompromised because I have several chronic diseases, including respiratory disease.  There are also several healthcare workers at my facility who are in the over 60 age group, putting them at increased risk as well.


We are a large facility and there are definitely enough staff to make accommodations for the staff members most at risk (older, sicker, pregnant, etc) although I am sure it would not be a staff satisfier.


Is there any guidance on what these healthcare workers should do?  I have been told the fatality rate for persons such as myself is 1 in 10.  My doctor says I should not care for covid-19 positive patients, but so far administration has not been interested in discussing the topic.


What is everyone else seeing and/or doing with this?



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