I'm 3/5ths a nurse!

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I just finished my 3rd semester out of 5, so now I'm 3/5ths a nurse! I'm so excited that I'm more than half way to being a registered nurse.

Anyone else 3/5ths a nurse and proud? : )

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Yay, that's awesome! I'm only 1/4 a nurse, but in 4 months I will be 1/2 way there!

Yay!!! I'll hopefully be in your shoes after this semester.. I'm gonna start my 3rd sem in a couple weeks. way to go~~

LOL congrats!!

I'm about to be 2/5th a nurse tomorrow! (as soon as I'm done with my Med Surg 1 final :S)

I start 3rd semester in 2 weeks!

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Almost 4/5's woooohoooo graduate next semester!

I'm 1/2 a nurse!!!

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Congrats!!!! As for me, I'm an NCLEX-RN exam away from being a nurse. HOORAY!!!! (Yes, the semesters will drag on while you're in them, but you'll blink and think "OMG! I'll be on my OWN soon! NOOOOOOO!" LOL)

Congrats everyone.. I start the program this month on the 27th.. I am sooo nervous.. Any advice?

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Neat way to think of it... I'm 5/7 of a nurse! LOL

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