I'm starting a career in CNA. Any advice?

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Hey I'm starting a career in CNA any advise? Please share

Do everything exactly the way you learned it in school, and always put the residents first. If someone gives you flack for it, ignore them because its YOUR certification not theirs.

Buy comfortable shoes. You'll never sit down.

If your facility provides mechanical lifts, USE THEM! If a resident is a 2 person assist but the other CNAs tell you they do it by themselves so it's o.k......DON'T do it by yourself. Ask for assistance. Your back will thank you for it.

Accept the fact that at first, you will do everything much slower than the more experienced CNAs. That's o.k.; you'll get faster as you get more experience.

At my facility, some CNAs are just NOT NICE. Not to each other, not to the residents. Sad fact, but true. Don't let them drag you into the gossip and nagging.

ENJOY the residents! Learn WHO they are. They have great stories to share!

Hello kikkidee6,

Yes! Learn what you can and retain it. Remember what you read in your textbook and practice that in clinicals. I finished mine last year and what my instructor taught was nothing compared to the information in the book. I work in the hospital through an agency, so when I come in and receive my assignment, I go straight to the nurses station find out who's the nurse to get a report, and I do what I see needs to be done. I don't listen to other aides unless they are offering advise on doing something better because I believe in doing things right the first time; that way my job and my integrity is intact when I leave.

Good luck and much success!

Don't cut corners to save time. It will come back to haunt you. Always keep a small notepad and pens with you. In addition, I keep a black permanent marker and a pair of kids' safety scissors on me. If something seems off about a resident, take the time to get a full set of vitals without asking the nurse. It could save a life.

If a person is a 2-person assist, use two people! A co-worker recently decided to be SuperAide and transfer a resident who is supposed to be a 2-assist and the resident ended up on the floor with an ankle broken in two places that only surgery could repair.

Leave residents cleaner than you found them.

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I couldn't agree more with above posters. Buy comfortable shoes!! Also, when dealing with a patient/resident and your getting frustrated I always remember to myself treat them how you would want to be treated or how you'd want someone to take care of your loved one. That always calms my nerves :). (this includes if you've just changed them 5 mins ago and they have a little urine or BM on their diaper or brief just change it whats it hurt? 5 mins of your time?) I also never cut corners i'd rather do it right the first time.

When dealing with "difficult" coworkers- when they let their call bell go off go and see what the person wants. Again, if you/ a loved one had to use the bathroom so bad would you want someone to just not help you because you are not their resident/patient?

Sorry...this is a little vent of frustration also :)

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