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Im Soon to be A Nurse..YEA!!!!

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I will be starting nursing school very shortly(in January) and would like to know what study techniques did you use to help you get through your nursing school program successfully?

Are there any great study websites, books, or CD's out?

Thanks from your soon to be nurse:nurse: SSJ:nurse:

Jules A, MSN

Specializes in Family Nurse Practitioner.

Congratulations and welcome!

Definitely stay on top your studies. I didn't think the information was difficult but there was a ton of it. If you aren't already a decent test taker I'd spend some time reviewing those techniques. Good luck.

Flightline, BSN, RN

Has 5 years experience. Specializes in ICU.

I would take index cards and write questions from my notes on one side and the answer on the back and review them constantly before a test. Sometimes, I had hundreds of cards to review. But since I was constantly reviewing them as I was adding to the pile, I remembered the information and could answer them very fast.

You can even get creative with this. In A&P I would scan the photos of anatomical parts, shrink them down in photoshop and tape them to the cards, then put the answers on the back of the cards. I should have kept them all and sold them, but making them is part of the process of memorization and learning.

If you do this all the way through school, you will do very well; A's and B's I assure you. And even more, when you get to NCLEX at the end of it all, you will shut off at 75 and pass and wonder why you kept getting questions like: If you have six children in an ER and a bomb goes off which child should you give the most attention to.

Even better, when you get to the floor you will understand more than most.


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Read, Read, Read, and as Jules A. stated learn how to test. Nursing exams are not like any test you have ever taken. Welcome to the world of CRITICAL THINKING (trying to find the most right answer of several right answer's) it's really quite bothersome at times.


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stay on top of your notes and study study study. Just devote the next couple of years to nursing school and stay focus. As my professor would say " imagine signing RN at the end of your name, sweet":nuke:

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