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I'm 54 Should I go to ICU?

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Dear Nurse Beth,

I am an RN since 1985 love my profession. I recently left a hospital there for 25 years last 15 in ER prior did med surg then ICU.

I left my job because a new management team came in and bullied the senior nurses basically to the point of pushing us out. I am now in another facility very nice professional in ICU loving the change but nervous because so new that I want to do everything perfect.

Do you think going to ICU was a good decision for a 54 year old to go to ? I feel like I should not be there because of my age but I am very experienced and love it.

Dear 54 years old,

Sorry you've experienced age discrimination and good for you for finding a new position that you love.

It sounds like you've answered your own question- you are very experienced and you love it! You are a golden resource. Teach the new nurses how to individualize their alarm settings and stabilize their patients.

ICU sounds like a perfect setting for you and I hope they appreciate you. Sometimes things happen for a reason.

Best wishes, 

Nurse BethAuthor, "Your Last Nursing Class: How to Land Your First Nursing Job"...and your next!

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I think you are doing great.  A local hospital experienced a huge wave of ageism when they got a new CEO.  Many department leaders were axed.   These were people who worked years to get to those positions.  It was and is a terrible shame. I hope anyone who condones or participates in age discrimination find that it happens to them with force!

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