I'm in shock.

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Hi, I recieved my acceptance letter to the only Nursing Program I applied to, it was the only place I wanted to attend. I'm so happy, I can't believe it. I've been working so hard on pre-req's and it has all paid off. I feel like someone just took the rocks out of my backpack. :)


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Congratulations! :D

Katnip, RN

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Congrats...I am still waiting. Please pray for me.


nursedawn67, LPN

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congrats! :D

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Woo hoo..........welcome to the club! Congratulations!!!!! I cried when I got my letter of acceptance. Go out & celebrate!


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:balloons: :D :balloons: :D :balloons:



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Thats wonderful!!! Wish I was so lucky, but I got into a good school. Yeah, I cried when I picked up my letter. I even gave the women who helped me get in flowers. I'm still on a cloud.


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Congratulations! You'll be a :nurse: in no time at all!


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Woot!! Glad to here it....

Mimi Wheeze

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Good for you! Yay! :balloons:


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I'm so thankful, thanks for the congrats, bitter sweet though, friends did not get in who I thought would be with me. There is still an alternate list so that they might have hope, but am a bit depressed that we will not all go on together.

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