Im New Here and i Just wanted to post something.

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Hey guys, last week was the first time used this site as referrence, and this site has many MANY useful facts. Please take the time to read them and answer some of the question that was posted here(thnx to those posters).

Last Monday i tooked the exam. Today i got my result and passed at 160. I was so happy.

I can say that this site really helped me, because of the facts and the prayers that were posted here. You can look for the facts thru-out the site, as well as prayers.. and i wanna let you guys know how strong prayers can be especially the prayer to St. Joseph of Cupertino. I found that prayer on this site to. please PLEASE look for it.

Thank You Guys! And Goodluck to all!

GOD bless you!

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Welcome and congratulations

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