Im so nervous about my last year!

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Hi everyone!

Whewwww! Im starting my last year on Sept. 3rd. :eek: After having the summer off, I remember nothing! My b/f mom was just diagnosed with diverticulitis and did I remember a darn thing about it? NOOOOOOOOO!!!! So I had to pull out my books to refresh myself...what the heck am I gonna do when I have a patient in clinical, "Ummmm...hold on Sir, Ive heard of what you have but I just cant remember what it is, lemme go look it up!" AHHHHHHHHH! We do not get a refresher course so Im really scared Im gonna be in bad shape! Any suggestions?? :confused:


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Hi nicoleinphilly!

Only suggestions off the top of my head would be to keep doing what you just did to refresh your memory about diverticulitis. Maybe pull out your notes taken from nursing classes last year and scan them. If you have a reading list, you can read ahead and feel "ahead of the game". Review your A&P book or any really basic nursing textbooks to refresh your memory of the basics, and I bet much will come back in no time. Your brain's been on vacation and you need to gear it up again is all.

Have a great senior year!


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hey soooo nervous too! im starting my last year of nursing school on the 3rd as well and i dont think i remember anything! but ya gotta remember that we are still learning and that if we dont remember everything its ok! we just gotta make sure we remember for the NCLEX next summer!!

good luck!!

~connie :p


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Join the club of nervous seniors!!!! I start back on 8/21...just finished reviewing ACLS& basic arrhythmias b/c...I'm scared-my first clinical rotation...ICU and the ER!!!! I just have to go to school all summer to keep my brain and study habits up to par..ACLS, Nursing Research, Ethics...Criminal Mind..Just spent the day with a group of Taiwanese graduate students here to finish their masters in Education... they feel all that you learn comes back around to enrich your own life so you can enrich others in turn........they have a marvelous sense of curiosity...anyway we will all make it -others have before us you may not know diverticulitus but I bet you would be surpised at what you really do know....hang in there!!!!

OMG, I am so glad I am not the only one who is nervous about my last year. I start on the Aug 21st and I feel like the closer I am getting to graduation and the end the more I feel like I am not ready because I can't remember some things. DEEP BREATH, DEEP BREATH, DEEP BREATH. IN and OUT, IN and OUT, IN and OUT. RELAX. That is what we have to do and we have to tell ourselves that we can do this and everything will be ok.


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I hope to be nervous about my last year.. LOL, I am a wreck just thinking about my first year! I had started my first semester in a program in AZ and had to move to CA and start over in a new program. I forgot everything over the past 2 years!

Good luck... if you made it this far, you should be so proud!


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I suggest working one of those NCLEX review cd-roms on your pc. I did that about two weeks before and so far I don't seem too lost. I also recommend reviewing all of your fluids and lytes.

It's not so bad. I just started back and in no time you feel like you never left.


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Good luck to you! You will do fine. I am just starting out and I am hoping that I make it through the program. :eek:



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Hey Guys! Thank you so much for your help! Im so glad we all have this website to help each other out. We're like a big internet family...hahah! Again, thank you, you were all a big help! Best of luck! Now go wipe, oops! I mean kick, some heiney!


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