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I'm having a nervous breakdown...

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I'm having a nervous breakdown or a mental breakdown due to extreme anxiety about the NCLEX-RN. I'm taking it at the beginning of february but I feel so unprepared even though I've taken Kaplan (55-60% on qbanks) and did their content review, and I have the saunder's book for practice questions. I've reached this point I'm in "I'm going to fail mode"... I'm sure I'm not the only one, but I can't help the feeling and I'm losing sleep and having difficulty concentrating. I need some advise on how to cope with this craziness... how do you get pass this anxiety and just realize it's just one freaking test?? :arghh: I've never experienced anything like this before not even when I had my first child! It's like this feeling of doom... my husband does not understand this feeling because he believes I'll do well but still... arrrgh!! How do you keep yourself mentally sane before you lose it on test day?

I know exactly how you feel. I have been feeling that way and not sure what i can do to help me feel less overwhelmed and reduce my anxiety epecially the fact i am 7.5 months pregnant...which i think is whats making this harder for me is freaking out about passing this exam before the baby comes as i know i wont be able to study once he is born. i have not been sleeping ok because i just keep thinking i am not doing this right and going to fail NCLEX-RN...Help people please.....

Good luck to both of us...

i am 7 weeks pregnant and on the same boat ........testing in feb

10 days prior to my exam, I was extremely anxious and seemed not to know anything! I was definitely in panic mode. Had to shift my focus to continually answering questions and understanding rationale. Told myself that I won't be successful if I focused on fear and anxiety.

Go do something nice for yourself. Take a day off from studying, relax, go watch a movie, have a cup of coffee at Starbucks or something, and get a good night's rest. You will feel much better the following day. The anxiety will still be there. But you'll notice you've managed to control it somehow. Put more emphasis on the positive and you will achieve success with flying colors!

Good luck! :yes:

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Over 80% of people pass exam on first try. You've been doing fine on Kaplan. You have 6 hours to take the exam! Take breaks as needed. Get a good night's sleep the night before and try not to stress. Get everything ready the night before and have multiple routes planned at. You've got this!