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Hi! I am working as a nurse in Canada and am wondering about IM injections. I was taught to never ever use the dorsogluteal site because of the possibility of piercing the sciatic nerve. So I use the ventrogluteal site. Some patients come in for their depo shots and say that they usually get it in their butt cheek. So I explain the sciatic nerve thing and tell them I won't use that site and I use the ventrogluteal site. I'm curious as to why the dorsogluteal site is still being used when it is clearly stated in my nursing foundations book to never go there. Perhaps it's the old-school nurses still using the butt cheek site?


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Because patients want what they know and will whine until they get it.

Personally, I never use the glutes. My IM meds are usually Demerol, Dilaudid, and Morphine and they go in the deltoid. Coworkers will use the sites and patients are confused when I refuse. Nothing beats walking in with the meds and they are pulling up their gowns and all I want is an arm.

I'd use the vastus lateralis before a glut.


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Dorsogluteal is still used for some oil based psych meds. Thats all i have ever given there.

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I'll use the vastis lateralis or the deltoid usually. Easier and safer.

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I'd use the vastus lateralis before a glut.

Me too. Easy to find the correct spot…no landmarks to try to find on the morbidly obese (not trying to be rude here…it is just difficult to find the greater trochanter on an obese pt.).