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I'm bored........

What else can I do with this Associate's Degree? I am toying working in the hospital but frankly bedside nursing can be done right where I am and I am burnt. Management nursing is not something I want to continue. Any ideas?

It likely would help those who reply if you could clearify what you are currently doing. how long you have been doing it and the reasons you are burnt. Even though the reasons for feeling burnt may seem self evident, everyone who is burned out is not that way for the same reason.

What would you like to do? Are you a person that needs variety, how much? Do you prefer to work alone, are you a risk taker, do you prefer to have clear directions, Do you like interacting with patients, doctors, ancillary people, families, managers, etc? Come on tell us a bit about you your personality, your preferences and dis likes.

There is a ton of stuff out there but with no information about you it is hard to know where to start. All we can do is come up with a gerneral laundry list that you already know.

Try looking around this board at some of the speciality forums. Maybe something there might spark an interest.

What do you like about your current job or ones in the past? What is the absolute worst part of those jobs?

What are you especially good at and enjoy doing on your job?

I have been in LTC for 20 years. I have done every position possible. Currently in management(ADNS)...as long as you work for someone else you play by their rules even if you disagree. you take their crap and you do what they don't want to(all of it)...I was okay with that...have been fr years and those who work with me would vouch for me that I do it very well....well my new boss(2 yrs) now is comfortable and no longer(in my opinion...he denies this I have asked) "needs" me.....so there is what appears to be a game of chess happening at work...some players are moving around and I am one of them....into a spot I didn't want and I am told I have no choice....its a lateral move and if I don't like it I can leave. I loved it there and there was nothing I wouldn't do for the patients or the staff. I now no longer feel this way. I no longer feel supported or supportive.

I don't know what to do...I like to work fairly independently...I don't need variety...just someone appreciating me for what I do. I like interacting with people and have no problems with anyone. My personality is pretty black and white....little gray. I believe in having fun but I like to be able to get my work done first. Don't particularly like early mornings though never got enough sleep working overnights. Have no acute care experience though would love working with infants. Not happy with cut in pay I will have to take or loss of benefits but not willing to be abused either.

Currently I did like that every day was different. I didn't like that I had more than I could handle and it kept getting piled. I was the person everyone came to for everything.

Absolute worst part....working >40 hours a week for salary

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What about doing procedures? Like in interventional radiology, conscious sedation, PACU;stuff like that...

May I suggest Chronic condition management- not insurance but actually calling pts with chronic conditions and providing education and support to help them manage the disease. Granted it is done over the phone and in front of a computer but that has it's benefits..It has been fulfilling to help others, problem solve, and use my knowledge and experience as a nurse.The pts are grateful and it empowers them to be healthy as they can be..A win-win situation. The pay is comparable to hospital nursing and there is certainly a demand for RN's...opportunities for advancement without playing games.. No Holidays,weekends plus stock options..OH Yea!!

Just My Opinion.

now this sounds like my ideal job....where would I find employment? is this like working for insurance companies? these type of jobs are not advertised around here. Thank you!

I have been in LTC for 20 years. I have done every position possible. Currently in management(ADNS)...as long as you work for someone else you play by their rules even if you disagree. you take their crap and you do what they don't want to(all of it)...I was okay with that...have been fr years and those who work with me would vouch for me that I do it very well..... I am told I have no choice......I like to work fairly independently...

Absolute worst part....working >40 hours a week for salary

It souds like you prefer to work for someone else. Have you ever really considered working for yourself? There are a lot more avenues you can take if you choose to be your own boss. I asked if you are a risk taker because a move like this will require you to step waaay out of your comfort zone. The rewards can be tremendous if you dare to go it alone or with a collegue or two.

You have 20 years experience. 20 years of know how. 20 years of having seen the good the bad and the ugly and know how things should be done and how to do them best. Think what you can do with this.

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You can teach medical assistant school, CNA school, or LPN/LVN school if education is something that piques your interest. You can also work in research, travel nursing, flight nursing, cruise ship nursing, school nursing, clinic nursing, etc.....

here is some companies that offer health enhancement/chronic condition management. i work for matria healthcare. look matria up on the internet for locations and more information. if you type in health enhancement you will find a description of what it is...definetly a growing industry.there are also companies subcontracted to handle oncology,maternity,depressionand many others..which gives many areas of specialty nurses as well.

best of luck!

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I reached my glass ceiling in LTC too, and my frustration level as well...LOL!

What I did was go agency for a while! I made great money, stayed local, worked at different facilities and found my niche that way!!!!!! It was great! I loved agency...such flexibility and I was my own boss basically! I found a local hospital that adored me as much as I adored them...and took on the job full time! I was scared that I may not remember much about acute care hospital..but I flew and remembered so much! Very happy with that...I was very concerned!

But I think it was the best choice I ever made, and most people do stick with the agency jobs because of the flexibility, typically higher pay, some have benifits if you work full time hours, your choice in facilities (if I didn't like one...I just didn't go back! That simple!), and I felt I was in control of my own career! It was awesome!

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