I'm beginning my job hunt in the D.C./Maryland area, any advice for a new grad?

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I'll be graduating in June. After Christmas I will be in that area for a week. My plans are to visit 6 hospitals that I have chosen, take a look around, pick up applications and ask about new grad internships/orientation.

I will also have a resume ready to turn in with the application. I'm wondering if I am going about this in the right way and what others have found useful when looking for a job in another state, particularily your first R.N. job. I'm in Ohio and plan on moving in July. I am most interested in women and infants, specifically in L&D. I understand it may be hard finding a job in that specialty as a new grad. With that in mind I am willing to work in another area to build experience. Any input is greatly appreciated, Jen

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Yes I had a job on the unit I wanted to work on weeks before I graduated.

Good choice



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From what I can recall from different nursing posts and news articles in general, the Washington DC area and Baltimore are going through a major shortage. This means, I think, that you might have a very good chance in L&D. I just think there will be concern also because the census may be high.

Good Luck!


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This is a NURSING employee job market :). I am sure you will find PLENTY of L & D or mother-infant jobs. However, most nursing employers have their heads stuck up their butts in the early 90's and 80's and don't WANT to admit to this. They will need to be gently and diplomatically reminded. You will need to be savvy and INTERVIEW THEM. Scope out each unit--don't be afraid to ask questions, interview the nurses. Ask about retention--what is the recidivism rate? Do you notice older, experienced nurses on the floor or are ALL the nurses twenty-some new grads, travelers, foreign nurses (BAD SIGN)? What is the mood of the unit? Are the nurses happy? What sort of "vibes" does the nurse-manager have? Is she nurse-friendly or a bean-counter? One of the most important questions--WHAT IS THE NURSE-PATIENT RATIO? Be choosy, be professional, take your time, don't settle for any unsafe or suboptimal conditions, or any empty psychobabble crap. Whatever they promise you, get it in WRITING.


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My sister lives in Columbia and has had her family in the community hospital there...she really liked the atmosphere...very caring docs and staff. It's her choice in the area.

I'm not sure how close in to DC you live...she had her husband in Johns Hopkins (he was in a CA research study) and said they were horribly understaffed everytime on medsurg areas....but others may be different.

Ask lots of questions and do your homework...good luck to you!Big hospitals are good first experiences for new grads if they have the means to offer new grad internships..that helps a lot today I hear!


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Thank you! What is a good nurse/patient ratio for L&D? I have a student position at Ohio State in the postpartum unit and the nurses typically get 4 moms and 4 babies. I understand that L&D is different, I will have to ask what our ratio is like in our department. I like what someone said about getting it in writing. Also do places make you sign on the spot when an offer is made or do you get some time to think about it? How much time should I expect to look around the unit and how do I go about talking to people that work there? Also if nurse managers are desperate for help will they tend to lie about their retention rate? What is a good retention rate? I realize that there is a fine line between getting an L&D position because they think you would be good there and getting the job because they'll need you and will take anyone.

Hello, I know a lot about looking for jobs, but when going to a new city you should generally try to find an agency that is working with a hospital. Recruiters are able to get you into places where your resume doesnt. I used a recruiter down in Los Angeles the first time I wanted to move out to that area, and they were able to get me in places I couldnt or wouldnt have thought about. If you are interested they do work nation wide. Have a great day and good luck.


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Let Them Know Upfront What You Would Like To Work In But Just A Word Sometimes You Find Your Self Working And Loving Something You Never Thought Of In School Serendipity Is One Of Life S Perks

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