I'm an alternate?


Hello everyone! I was informed yesterday that I'm an alternate for the nursing program. They still want me to attend the orientation and fill out my acceptance form, which is really messing with my state of mind. I can't sleep, I can't eat, all I want to do is cry. This news isn't exactly good or bad news, but it is really getting to me. This is all I've ever wanted and I'm not quite sure of my chances of getting in are. Could anyone give me some helpful advice how to cope until I can know for sure? Is this something I should stress this much over? There are 7 on the wait list. I don't know what to tell my family or how to go about this news. Thanks so much!

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Attend. Be professional. Stand out. Even if you don't get in it may help for the next time. Many alternates get in because many people apply to all kinds of schools then they are more likely to get accepted somewhere. When I went for my BSN I applied to 12 schools. I was accepted at 10 and picked one. So this means 9 schools had an opening for an alternate.

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^^ Solid advice.

I know a lot of people who applied to BSN and ADN programs throwing a net out to hopefully get in one and got in a lot or all of them -- The girl who sits next to me in my Spanish was first in the alternate list for the ADN program at our college; the girl sitting on the other side to her was accepted for both the BSN program at the local university and the ADN at our community college and took the slot at the BSN program, so the girl between us for sure got in to the ADN program she applied for.

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My sister was an alternate when she first applied to nursing school. She was bummed at first, but right before the semester started she got a call saying there was a spot open since a student dropped out at the last minute. The chances are unpredictable whether you will get that call or not, but go to the orientation and be prepared for that phone call just in case. You don't want to be the only student lost in the sauce because you weren't prepared to be apart of that program. I really hope you get that call! Good luck.