When will my license be posted online?

  1. I passed my NCLEX on 6/22/17 and I am still waiting for my license #

    Am I supposed to receive a letter in the mail? Or will my license # be posted online automatically? How long will this take? I start work in 4 weeks and I need to have my license # I'm getting nervous!

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  3. by   Guy in Babyland
    It should have posted by now. Try nursys.com and see if they show your license.
  4. by   cwruRN1
    You should have received a letter from Continental Testing a few days to 2 weeks after you tested informing you of your pass and requesting an additional $50. Once you send this in, it can take 4-8 weeks for the IL BON to post licenses online. There are LOTS of people awaiting processing right now, so don't freak out that it hasn't posted yet. You'll just have to keep checking and inform your employer.
  5. by   Machakao
    Oh well ur lucky f u received it already same thing here i took the same date june 22 , 2017 & still waiting for my f.......g Illinois license ! I call them every week to check status of my license & same answer -still on process ; i dont know whats goin on with IDFPR ! They suck! Fyi -all requirements been received...