Vermont license endorse to Illinois

  1. I am a foreign nurse from the Philippines and I just wanted to know if what is the first step in endorsing my license. Do I still need to submit CES, which I already did when I applied for my exam application to Vermont last year. Do I still need to fill out the ED NUR? I'm just a kittle confused. What are the other requirements? I hope someone will notice my post. Thank you.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Here is the information from the state website:
  4. by   ggestano2002
    Thanks traumaRUs for the info. I noticed that the link you gave was "renewal" for internationally educated RN. Is this the same with endorsement /reciprocity? Meaning, I must obtain another CES report which I did when I applied for eligibility in Vermont NCLEX. Another payment for this.;( How about the forms with CT NUR, ED NUR..thanks
  5. by   skylark
    Illinois is a nightmare, I moved my licence from California but being a foreign trained nurse they took forever to sort it out, almost five months.
    if you already have CES, I think you can just apply to CGFNS to send a copy to Illinois, there's a fee but much less that the original process.
    They will also want confirmation of your current Vermont licence direct from the Vermont board, there is a form in here somewhere that you send to VT for this, and they will charge a fee, something like $60 I think.

    Good luck, and please allow IL a lot of time, they are very slow, especially with foreign trained nurses : )
  6. by   ggestano2002
    Thanks skylark..
  7. by   ggestano2002
    Will I still use NURSYS for verification?