Uic nursing program fall 2013

  1. Hello all!
    Is anyone applying to UIC nursing fall 2013?? I'm applying to the urbana campus. I am freaking out doing the application right now. I feel like my essays suck and i'm really having a hard time with them. I have a 3.9 gpa i finish all required classes except for micro and organic chem. I have 3 year hospice volunteer experience as well as 4 year volunteer experience at marklund, a home for disabled children. I work have been working as a dental assistant for 3 years. I am just disoriented right lol Anyone have any suggestion anything. Can some proofread my essays =)
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  3. by   dkmamato3
    Can you send it via the message option to me and I will be happy to take a look.
    I just submitted mine for an ABSN program last week :-)
  4. by   ariba
    Yesss I would be forever grateful! How exactly do I send you a message? Sorry I'm new to this...
  5. by   ariba
    I can also email it if you wouldn't mind giving me your email address... yes i am desperate lol
  6. by   dkmamato3
    Just sent you a message :-)
  7. by   ariba
    Thanks A TON! I emailed it to you. Apparently I can't send messages until i post 15 quality post loll. I'm hoping to submit the essays tomorrow =D
  8. by   ariba
    Did you apply to UIC btw??
  9. by   dkmamato3
    Send it back to you ... good luck. No I am applying on the West coast but I did do my undergrad education in Carbondale so I am familiar with the school and the area :-)
  10. by   ariba
    Best of luck to you! I hope you get accepted! I'm sure you because you probably had a killer essay considering useful edits you made in mine =D when will you know if your accepted?? let me know what happens =D
  11. by   ImDaMan11
    hey just pmed u
  12. by   ariba
    Heeey Can you PM me the email address?? I can't reply to private messages Apparently I can't send messages until i post 15 quality post loll.

    I can see the message thought =D
  13. by   ImDaMan11
    gotcha I was kinda confused how the messaging works too haha
  14. by   ariba
    I sent you the email =) let me know if you got =D what is hesi entrance exam anyways?? luckily uic does;t require a entrance exam