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  1. Hi All. I am applying for reciprocity so that I can practice in another state; I'm planning on moving out of IL. I sent my request for license verification to the department of professional regulation about two weeks ago. I haven't heard anything yet. I have been trying to call the IDPR to check on the status of my request, but I am never able to get through! I was given a few alternate numbers to try, but I can't get through on any of them, either. I have already sent in the paperwork for the new state, so I am just waiting for the license verification from IL.

    Has anyone else here in IL applied for reciprocity in another state? If so, how long did it take for IL to send license verification to the new state?

    On another note, is there any kind of consensus on the best states for nursing jobs right now? I actually got a job fairly quickly here in IL after nursing school, but when I realized how much I hated it, and tried to find something else, I couldn't get anything. I am planning to move to MA, and I have heard mixed things about the job market there. It seems, though, that when I have asked RN's about good states for jobs, I hear discouraging reports about every place! Is *any* state good for RN jobs at the moment?
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  3. by   Quark09
    I'm waiting on the same thing here in Washington. I mailed in my verification request to the state of IL about four weeks ago; it's still not been received in Washington. I've emailed them and have called; the line is always busy.
  4. by   Cmatt13
    Where did you send your form? I can't even find that on the IDPR website--it's so disorganized!! I'm trying to apply in California.
  5. by   nursemaryj
    Are you in California trying to apply for endorsement in IL? I was in that boat a couple of weeks ago. I thought IL site and all was a mess but it's pretty much easy. I guess I was comparing it to the organization of California website and losing site of what I needed to do. I got my license pretty quick. When I called they said they were working on apps three weeks back date, but as soon as I sent my application, I would say that it took about 3 weeks to get it back. You send your paperwork to:

    Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation
    ATTN: Division of Professional Regulation
    P.O. Box 7007
    Springfield, IL 62791

    I was fortunate to travel to Chicago before I turned in my packet, so I did my fingerprints with an approved agency in Chicago. I hope this helps.
  6. by   labora
    Hi there, I am also an RN endorsing from Illinois to Georgia. I requested the IDFPR to send the verification of my licensure before 5 weeks and the Georgia nursing board has not received it. The IDFPR has already accessed the check I sent them but didn't send the verification. It is so sad that there is no way to get through the phone lines of the Illinois professional regulation. It is either busy, not working or deliberately off the hook. I don't know how to go about it. Still a long way to go even here in the US to cut such kinds of bureaucratic craps.
  7. by   claire.marie91
    Im going through this process from IL to NC and cant seem to get ahold of anyone from either state. NC sent me a "Verification of Nurse Licensure" to send to IL with whatever fee that state requires. On the IL website it say you need "Certicications" with a fee. Im so confused as to what I need to send in or whether I can just send in the verification sheet i recieved from NC with the $20 money order or what the "certification" is?? Help Please??
  8. by   johosa12
    My travel recruiter told me the process of getting your license verified by the IL State Board of Nursing takes forever. I am about to start on it because I want to travel out to California or WA state...I just started my first assignment so I hope it takes less than 13 weeks....My recruiter also told me, if you go there in person to the state board of nursing, the process is much if you live near Springfield, that might be your best bet. I am 3 hours away, and might be just driving there in person if that gives me a better chance to get the license verified quicker.
  9. by   Aussierules1985
    Come to Mississippi! One week!
    ... At least on this end!

    I'm trying the other way around; wow... not used to that!
  10. by   daff
    Hi! I am planning to endorse my license from IL to WA just like you, Was there a fee that you paid when you sent it to IL to verify your license?