1. Hi! I'm new here and hoping to get some advice from anyone who may be attending or has attended SWIC (Southwestern Illinois College.) I'm 37 and just started working on my pre-reqs. I know the program is fairly competitive and works on a point based system. I have some of the pre-reqs already completed since I have a Bachelor's Degree but need to retake the general courses (math, chem, biol.) My question is, what is the least amount of points one can get to ensure you get into the program? Since I'm an older student returning to school, I'm far more focused, personally, than I was during my previous school run but am so concerned that after taking an additional year to complete every pre-req and general ed. course and then waiting, I still won't be able to get into the program. Even after finishing all the gen. ed. courses with A's (feeling confident...lol), I will still have two gen. ed. courses with C's from my first degree. It looks like based on the point info. I have, I will only gain 1 point by taking these course over with at least a B. The counselor also told me that SWIC just changed the Nursing Entrance Exam and that most students don't score many points from it. Any advice?

    Thanks so much for your time. This site has become so valuable a source for me in planning my future and everyone seems so helpful and kind to those of us who are new. It is appreciated..greatly.
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  3. by   Crew2Nursing
    I would say go to the Counselling Center...
    They can give you the Nursing Education Planing Guide.

    You have a BA all ready.

    I'm currently taking the Prerequisites right now myself
    The Counselor told me the Average is 15-17 points

    Each point -
    A - 4 points
    B - 3 points
    C - 2 points

    You need in Section A - Prerequisites to Application - Priority

    Total points are 12 pt max

    Section B - Pre Nursing Admission

    Total Points are 8 pt max

    Section C - Previous Allied Health Experince

    Such as a LPN/EMT, MLT/HIT/PTA/RC/RT (aas)

    or CNA/ma/rc

    total points are 4 max

    Section D - is the general education coursework

    The total points you can get for the whole thing is 28. Again he told me the average to get into the nursing program is 17-18.

    Good Luck...
  4. by   mum2kaza
    I graduated from SWIC when it was BAC I applied at several schools and took several entrance exams and was accepted first at BAC.. I appreciate the information since my daughter is looking at the program as well.. I wish you luck.
  5. by   TeleRN44
    Congratulations on your decision to pursue nursing! May I offer you one some ideas as a possible back up plans?

    SIU Edwardsville has an accelerated BSN program for students who already have a first Bachelors degree. You can check all this out on their website at:


    I attend SIUE (the traditional BSN program) and if I remember correctly, the accelerated BSN program is 15 months from start to finish?

    Mckendree is another local University with an accelerated program for students who already hold a Bachelors degree in another area.

    The point I am taking way too long to make (sorry) is that while these programs do cost a bit more (there are scholarships and grants you can apply for though) you can separate yourself out from the general population applying for a nursing program and rocket through BECAUSE you already have a bachelors degree. I don't know whether or not SWIC mentioned this to you...

    I wish you the best of luck!!
  6. by   psycheab
    I have to agree with DragonflyLVN about the Accelerated BSN thing. If you have the time and think you could handle the intense courseload, I think it would be well worth it. I'm saying it as both a) someone who graduated from SWIC and b)also have a bachelors in another field and wished I'd just gone ahead and gotten my BSN. But, to answer an earlier question...I started SWICs program in 2005 and was accepted with 18 points. I had mostly As and the majority of the pre-reqs completed when I applied. To earn those few precious little points I could, I went back and took the lowest math they would accept (pre-Algebra or something....) and got an easy A. So, if you could fit it into your schedule, I would consider retaking those classes that you made the Cs in before just to earn those couple of extra points. That is, if you are determined to go to SWIC. Trust me, I know, you can't beat the price.
  7. by   trace10
    Hi, I am also thinking about applying for the 2011 nursing program. I am curious to hear from those who applied for the 2010 year and how many points they had. And do they know anyone who applied with fewer, how many, and did or did not get in? Also, I am currently enrolled in Bio 105, which is the only requirement for another program I may apply for, but know that I must take the higher ones for the nursing program, and to get more points with the gpa part. My question, can I use the points from my A in Bio 105 on the first part of the point system (ie. bio, chemistry and math) even if I take Bio 157 after that and get a B? As far as the nursing test, I am curious to know what the average amount of points for that is as well.

    Thanks for any help!
  8. by   psycheab
    If you were to take Bio 157 this fall, then whatever grade you got in that is the grade they would factor for your points as it would be the most recent grade earned. However, if you were to take Bio 157 in the Spring of 2011, then it wouldn't be possible for them to factor the grade because you wouldn't know it until Mayish of 2011 and they would have already figured out who had been accepted and who hadn't. However, it's a tricky thing -- if you go ahead and take the course (and earn an A! think positive!) then you would have those points, PLUS you could check off having already taken Bio 157 on Section D as having made a B or better and that would possibly help you earn more points. And trust me, every little point counts.
  9. by   RNmom7
    Another vote for choosing an accelerated program. It will be hell and you will have no life outside of nursing school, but it is only a year. If you are dedicated and focused it may be a better option for you.
  10. by   choclablover
    The highest level of points you have ever needed for SWIC is 17, they have never had to go higher than that, so far. As for SIUE, I would pass, they are on and off of probation on a regular basis and have a really low pass rate on boards. McKendree is an excellent option if you are interested in an accelerated program. If you want to wait for SWIC, they do have an excellent program and have a 100% pass rate on boards for the last few years in a row. It is a very cost effective program and I am sure you will be able to get in even with a C. I had a C in chem and still got in on first try.
  11. by   KJNIllinois
    Thanks so much for the info. I'm planning on applying in the fall for the 2011 program. I went ahead and retook a few classes in which I previously had a C. At this point, I'm crossing my fingers that I will have 16 points prior to taking the DET so your message is very encouraging as to my chances! Thanks also for the information about SIUE. I decided to forgo the accerlerated programs since I'd like to get a Master's in Public Health eventually, and with more schooling ahead of me, the cost of these programs does make a significant difference!
  12. by   Charmom
    at choclablover , you said the mckendree has an accelerated program. do they have an accelerated program for peps like me who already have a bachelor degree and wants to get another for nursing? if so, what's mckendree requirement like gpa? thanks

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