Scrub Stores in Chicago??

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    I was wondering if anyone knows of any good scrub stores in Chicago? I tried searching yellowpages but can't seem to find anything. I live in Lincoln Park and am willing to drive some ways (not further than 40 min) to find a good store. I like Dickies scrubs (hip flip and bohemian style). I found one store on Elston but they seem to sell mainly larger sizes and the very basic styles.


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  3. by   Jilaweez
    I love Life Uniform in Spring Hill Mall. It is far from you though. The people who work there are sooo nice. Whenever I go in they are always giving me discounts and coupons. You can order from their catalog too. Even though it is a small store, they carry all different brands, from their own to baby phat.
    I have a few friends who live in your area so i'll ask around.
  4. by   Kathyz
    If you're desperate there's a Life Uniform in Niles (Dempster and Greenwood across from Lutheran General Hospital). The ladies there are not very helpful so if you know what you want then you're good to go!

    I get most of my stuff online from or I don't like to pay the shipping but most places don't charge tax so it pretty much comes out even. Plus I like to get my first name embroidered onto my top. I've always wanted to buy from but since I'm a nursing student there's really no reason to right now. I just wear the "usual whites".
  5. by   oMerMero
    Uniforms to You 2587 N Elston Chicago 60647
    On Elston between Diversy and Fullerton
  6. by   Kidrn911
    I work in Lincoln Park

  7. by   BookwormRN has a nice selection of scrubs at decent prices. When they have a sale-WOW! GREAT prices!