Programs with a Spring Start Date

  1. Can anyone think of nursing programs in the Chicagoland area (including suburbs) with a spring (January) start date?

    I know West Suburban, Loyola, JJC, and Moraine Valley do. Any others?

    Thanks! I keep going back and forth on what programs to apply to!
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  3. by   colleenm
    The College of Lake County (up in the far northern suburb of Grayslake) is a 2 year ADN program that offers both Spring and Fall starts. Check it out at
  4. by   vanasd
    Methodist college of nursing peoria il
  5. by   TheSquire
    DePaul has a Winter (January) start date, but the deadline for applying was August 1. The Fall (September)-start cohort deadline is March 1.

    Also, you don't have to apply to one program at a time. You can apply to multiple programs and tell the others "Sorry, no," after you get accepted to one you want.
  6. by   megc629
    I plan on applying to as many programs as possible! It's difficult because each program has its own requirement (ex. some require organic chem, some require CNA status). I just want to make sure I know about as many programs as possible.

    Thanks for all the responses! This board is a great tool for nursing students!

    I'm hoping to get into JJC as my top choice!