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They are going to be introducing legislation to mandate nurse to patient ratios come January. Write your congressman folks. Now is our chance. Let's see what we can get done for 2007!... Read More

  1. by   rUmad2
    Thank you! This is exactly the type of information I was hoping to find. I do not know if we are a Critical Access Facility..but now I know to find out.
    Again, thanks!
  2. by   Avelinne
    One hospital in AZ where I oriented had someone from Administration come in and tell all the nursing staff during the orientation that if any nurse is approached by CA lobbyist that want nurses to sign their petition for ratios in AZ, and actually do sign the petition, the nurse will be terminated. AZ is an at will state, and no employer has to keep staff that is directly insubordinate as per the ADM.(Nice HuH?) The Ratio battle is a dirty one. Nurse are the ones caught between the administration & corporations that want to blame ratios for loss of their profits ($$$$) while we nurses are in the trenches doing the grunt work. Not a pretty picture.
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  3. by   rUmad2
    You expressed my concerns perfectly....
  4. by   meownsmile
    We have always had that threat over our heads where unions are concerned. Big trouble if they find out one of their nurses brings union information into the facility. It does happen now and then but usually disappears quickly and most people keep their mouths shut about who brought it.
    Havent heard any backlash regarding the ratio thing though.

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