Need to know More about Chicago State Nursing Program Please HELP!!!

  1. I have been to four schools in the last six years got turned down twice at South suburban college and saint xaiver. I will be attending Chicago State in the fall of this year I have to finish my prereqs there and I will like to know if anyone out there that is in chicago state nursing program as of now, can let me know the process of getting excepted to the program so tht i wont feel like im wasting my time.
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  3. by   roser13
    "can let me know the process of getting excepted to the program"

    I feel compelled to tell you that "excepted" should be "accepted." Grammar, spelling, punctuation and all-around literacy will be your friends in your application to school.

  4. by   maisyLPN
    I have a friend who recently graduated from there. I don't have any advice and don't know anything about the process of acceptance but I will say good luck!
  5. by   nurse.sandi
    My recommendations are to get the packet mailed to you or go online and look at the criteria. If you meet it..go for it. If you do not fix or take what you need to be qualified. You need to talk to an admission advisor. Their job is to get you into thier school.
    I am familiar with many different colleges as I have done tons of research on what to do with my career. Make sure you read between the lines, too.
    Good luck.
  6. by   MsWannaBeaNurse
    Hello all nurses and future nurses... I just received the information about the new requirements for the nursing program for all City colleges well for truman, daley, and malcolm... Is there anyone out there that is applying for the fall of 2012 and also are there people that are already in the program at daley... if so how is the program?
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    Chicago State just recently got in trouble for letting failing students remain in school. It is their policy to expel students if they cannot keep a certain gradepoint average. The school then lied about their retention rates. Their accreditation as a university as a whole is being reviewed now and may be revoked. Be careful if you decide to go this route.
  9. by   MsWannaBeaNurse
    omg!!! I did not know that... I heard from a friend of mine a couple of weeks ago that they didnt even have their nursing program anymore dont know if that is true but I will stay away from there gonna apply to the ccc collges rn program instead thank you for the heads up
  10. by   MsWannaBeaNurse
    is there anyone out there that is trying to apply for the nursing program for the city colleges in chicago for the fall of 2012?
    Hi to all I am a Chicago State student and I started the program in Jan. 2011, I will be a senior this fall. By the grace of GOD I will be graduating in May 2013. I can't talk about the school as a whole, only my situation in the program. The program is very strict and if you fail a nursing course you will have to wait until the following year to make it up. If you fail again then you are kicked out of the program. I know several people who have to either wait out or have been kicked out. The school is getting more intense on thier nursing program and is making it harder to get into every year. Back when I applied in Fall of 2010, I had to take a bridge course, during this course I had to take the Nelson Denny Reading test you must score 13th grade level, TEAS EXAM, I had a 3.0 science gpa, and 3.1 overall gpa, I had a personal interview where I had to sell myself and explain my character and why I would be successful in the program. I also had to write an essay on my goals, myself and why I would be successful at them. My Teas score was a 74. I was very blessed to get in because the people who I was competing against had really high gpa's. So basically don't count out CSU, definitely do your research and find the school that's best for you. Community colleges are getting to be very competitive because they just closed down kennedy king as well as olive harvey, I feel there is no perfect nursing school, but the end result is the same RN. Good Luck to all on your journey!!
  12. by   trying to be a nurse
    thank you - I will be attending csu this summer. I have completed all requirements. Just need to take the bridge class.
  13. by   maria.ajao
    Hi, how long was the nursing program at Chicago state?