NCLEX Pass Rates

  1. I'm sure this question has been asked a million times before:

    How do I find NCLEX pass rates for various schools (ie, Oakton Community College, West Suburban Nursing College)? Do I have to ask the schools themselves? I really want a true picture and not a "rosy" picture from a school.

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  3. by   Jarnaes
    In North Carolina you can find that information on the board of nursing' web page.
  4. by   RITA2007
    My school was able to tell us that they're passing rate was 99%. pretty impressive. Almost all of us passed first time, thank goodness.
  5. by   meownsmile
    In Illinois i think you will probly have to get that information from the school itself. Not sure if the state BON will give it out, but im sure they have it. Antoher place you maybe can look is at the educational body that holds the accreditation for the program you are looking at. That information (the accrediting body) should be on the website for the nursing program for the school.
  6. by   Alexalynn20
    Don't bother looking up West Suburban's NCLEX pass rate. I heard it is so low they are on some kind of probabtion. I have heard the most aweful things about their school.
  7. by   Gmag75
    Yeah, I would have to agree regarding WEst Sub's program. When I was in school (Morton College), I heard they were under probation and Triton College as well. Hope this helps.
  8. by   smwalker
    What is the Hessi exam? And where can I get material to prepare for this exam?