Memorial Medical Center in Springfield-Anyone work here?

  1. Does anyone know the starting pay for new grads at this hospital? Thanks!
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  3. by   mommyx4
    I think I will have an answer for you in a few minutes. Just called a friedn that works there. But I do think they are one of the lower paying hospitals in the area. At least they used to be a few years ago when another friend of mine applied there and she had 7 years experience and just wanted PRN (no benefits) and they only offered her $17/hr.
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  4. by   mommyx4
    Yep, I was right. They start off at $20 / hr. You can make more than that in a po-dunk nursing home.
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    Actually $20/hr in Central and Southern IL is good pay for new grads.
  7. by   auntsas82
    I started at St Johns in Springfield in 2005 at 16.45/hr! I think it is almost up to 2o/hr for new grads. What I have found true between Memorial/St Johns is that St Johns pays better in over time, and registry. St Johns often offers incentive (10/hr plus time and a half) and double incentive (20/hr plus time and a half) when they are needing nurses to come in. Last year, I cashed in on the double incentive...working alot of overtime. This year though, the hospital is struggling and not offering it to their nurses. Hope this helps a little..
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    time to revive this thread!
    does anyone have any experience with the new graduate residency program here. i have an interview next week and would like some perspective from nurses who work here. any information would be greatly appreciated!
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    Wow, $20/hr for starting nurses is what I can report from another Central IL hospital, but it looks like wages haven't gone up that much if this thread started in 2009? OUCH! I might also add that nursing homes here do pay more than hospitals!!
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