JJC Spring 2011?

  1. I posted a while ago in the Illinois section. No reply so I thought I'd see if it was just because its just not an active area or if there is no one on here from JJC. So anyway, anyone put in their application during the Aug 1st-15th open application? I applied for the night program and am currently waiting for an email saying they have accepted my application and when the TEAS test dates are.

    I'd love to meet some other JJC students. If we get into the program we can set up study groups. By the way I've been through the first semester (long story, don't want to repeat what I've already posted here). I can share my experience.

    If no one applies I'll assume the new applicants haven't found this great site yet
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  3. by   chicagoing
    Good luck to you! I had thought about applying to JJC, but realize that I probably wouldn't have a good shot at acceptance since I am not a resident. I had a fleeting thought of taking up residence with my brother and his family for a couple of years, but that would not be realistic.

    I didn't realize there was a night program! (A definite plus, if you ask me).
  4. by   Tleelove
    Thanks! From what I heard they don't accept anyone out of district. I know they use to say residents had priority so either way it would be tough.
  5. by   Tleelove
    Oh forgot to add... Yes they have an evening program. However, they only accept 20 something students a semester for it. Not that the 60 something they accept for the day is a lot either.
  6. by   ChervRN
    Me...me!! I have applied to JJC's spring nursing program!! I am currently studying my rear off so I can do well on the TEAS. We should hear something by the end of this week, I'm thinking!!!
  7. by   Tleelove
    HI Flutterbye! I'm studying as well. What prereqs have you taken? Is this your first time applying? I'm hoping we get the email this week too. I work better when I know what my time line looks like.
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  8. by   ChervRN
    Quote from Tleelove
    I work better when I know what my time line looks like.
    I agree!!! I was just telling someone that~~I wish we knew when the test was so I could really focus. for Math especially. I can't really start practicing math until like a week beforehand, so I don't forget everything!! Science, well, I've just been reading and reading. I took a pretest and found out Im not all that ready for the science section. ugh.
    Microbiology is all I have left for my pre reqs...and I start that today. oh joy. And yeah, this is my first time applying. I suppose it is unrealistic to think I would get in the first shot, but i really hope so. How about you?
  9. by   Tleelove
    I don't think its unrealistic to get in the first time. Like I said, this will be the second time around and the first time I did get in from my first try. I waited until I had everything to apply though, which it looks like you did too (you don't get any extra points for Micro anyway). I know some people try to get in with just a few classes done and get disappointed when they don't get it. Its a really competitive program.

    I'm with you about math. I need to just do a week of refreshing before hand. I'm lost on science. I didn't do so well in science the last time I took it and that was the older version. I'm freaked about the opinion that the new one harder. I didn't study at all last time though so I'm hoping for an improvement
  10. by   b&g'smom
    I applied for Spring 2011 too!!! I'm nervously awaiting the November email. Unfortunately I do not have all of the prereqs done, I am currently in Micro and A&P II. I know this significantly decreases my odds of getting in, but I figured it couldn't hurt getting a little practice on the TEAS. How did everyone do on their TEAS test?
  11. by   d.i.h.d.
    I also applied and am going crazy waiting to see if I got in or not! I have all the pre-req's and scored pretty well on the TEAS, so we will see!!!!!
  12. by   hopefull2011
    Judging by some of the older posts on this site, they send out the acceptance/denial emails around Oct. 20th. Hopefully, that will be the case this year! I think they just say "by Nov. 1" to give themselves some extra time just in case. Anyway, I still can't wait to hear. It doesn't matter either way if you took Micro yet, that doesn't count towards admission points. I have everything else done (I'm currently in Micro). I got all A's except for a B in Comp 101. I scored an 85 composite and 93 reading on the TEAS. The Nursing office said that 79 composite and 86 Reading were the average scores for the last admitted class, so I'm hoping my numbers are good enough - unless this batch of applicants is way above that average! Good luck to everyone!
  13. by   d.i.h.d.
    I don't think your "B" in Comp 101 will make a difference either, because that is not one of the required courses, is it?
  14. by   hopefull2011
    Quote from d.i.h.d.
    I don't think your "B" in Comp 101 will make a difference either, because that is not one of the required courses, is it?
    Sorry, I was referring to ENG 101. (I took it at a different school, and they called it Comp 101 there) It is included in your gpa computation, though. I think they compute your gpa based on ENG101, Psych 101, Psych 215, AP 250, and AP 251. I was thinking about retaking it, but decided against it. I'm hoping one B won't make or break me!