JJC (Joliet Junior College) Fall 2015

  1. Hey I don't know if a thread has already been started for this program but I am interested in applying for the February 15th deadline for the Fall 2015 start date at JJC. I haven't signed up for my TEAS yet because I don't want to pick a date that is too early or too late since I also need to begin studying but I was thinking about signing up for the Feb 2nd 4th or 5th date. If anyone else is applying to the program or is currently in the program please feel free to reply and share anything that you can. Thanks =)
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  3. by   lillady04
    I am interested in jjc as well. I just finished an pn program and i wanted to do the lpn to rn. Any information would be appreciated.
  4. by   love.live.laugh
    anyone applying for the fall?
  5. by   JMarie19
    I say go for it! Sign up for your TEAs because they fill up fast. I would honestly use as much time as possible to study before you take it, so sign up for one of the later days. I am a second semester student and I love the program! Its nerve racking applying and taking the TEAs but it is so worth it!
  6. by   love.live.laugh
    Thanks!! I wanted to do the last date before the deadline so I was planning on taking it on the 12th of next month but on the romeoville campus. Do you know if that site fills up fast as well? I've taken the TEAS before but that was like a year or so ago and I got like a 72 but that was before I took any a&p courses so I'm hoping to do much better this time. I did purchase the practice book from mcgraw hill but I'm so mad that I've misplaced it but I will be looking online for practice questions. I just have a few questions for you since you're already in the program

    Did you purchase the practice test from the ati site or did you attend any of the study sessions at JJC? Also what were you stats going into the program? Like I really want to score an 80% for guaranteed admission but I'm not sure if I'll get that so I'm wondering what the average or minimum GPA and teas scores are for admittance?
  7. by   JMarie19
    You can go onto the ATI website and go to the link where you'd sign up for the TEAs, and it will show you the dates and times that are available still. Then you'll get a feel for which ones are filled and I don't remember if it says how many spots are left, but if you look now there should still be spots open for one of the last days. I bought the study guide from the ATI website and there are also practice tests you can purchase from there (I think you get 2 tests for $50 or something around that-those were extremely helpful because it gives the rationale for why the answers are right or wrong). I did not do any of the study sessions are JJC. I got a 75 on my test and at that time, they also counted reading as a big percentage of your score, but now I believe they look at science. You'll also be writing a short essay on why you want to be a nurse, so be prepared for that (grammar, punctuation, etc.). The minimum GPA and TEAs score will depend on the amount of people that apply and their scores. One of the girls in my class got a 68 on her TEAs and got in, so I think if you score a 72 again or higher you definitely have a great chance at getting in. I can assure you that not many people get an 80 or above on the test so don't feel bummed if you don't..if you are in the 70's I think your chances are just as good at getting in!
  8. by   JMarie19
    How I Passed the TEAS Exam

    I found this information to be an excellent study guide for what to expect...if you brush up on this info, you'll be in good shape!
  9. by   love.live.laugh
    Thank you so much for all of the information! Also, is the short essay part of the teas or the application for the nursing program?
  10. by   love.live.laugh
    also was the ati study guide an online/computer version? I'm not sure if I purchase it that it will get here in enough time for me to use it to study
  11. by   JMarie19
    Im sorry for taking so long to reply! The ATI study manual was a book, but the tests you can buy and they just give you an access code to plug into their website... I would recommend doing those if you've already taken the TEAs. It will give you an idea of what to brush up on. The short essay is a part of the new admission criteria starting this semester. I don't remember how much its worth but they factor it into your overall score. If you go on the JJC website, it will be under the nursing admissions section. Good luck!!
  12. by   laurynq16
    Hi! I'm surprised that I have yet to see of any other Fall hopefuls on this site. Did you decide which date you are going to take the TEAS? I am still undecided. Also, are you purchasing the practice tests from the sites? If you already did, how are they? Getting down to the wire now! Ahhhhh!
  13. by   lillady04
    Any info on the lpn to rn bridge? I was told those applyibg need to take a lpn step test.
  14. by   laurynq16
    I don't know offhand anything about the lpn to rn program, but I know they had a lot of info on the site. Did you check out Pages*- Joliet Junior College