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Hi everybody! I am from California and have applied to the St Francis College of Nursing. I have been accepted and am planning to make a trip out there to see the college and the area. Does anybody... Read More

  1. by   sweet_lime
    Yay! I'm so glad that you decided to come to IL! St Francis offered me a seat this fall since I had all my prereqs done, so I'm starting in August! I'll definitely be there, whether you come to the meet and greet or when you start in Jan.
  2. by   girly8208
    Hey Sweet Lime!!
    That's so exciting that you get to start earlier!! It's coming up so fast!! If you don't mind, where did you decide to live? I want to be close to the school but I couldn't find a nice place that was in a decent radius from the school. I want to be as close as possible because I'm not used to driving in snow and am actually terrified (I know, I better get used to it). Or perhaps you are more familiar with the area and can tell me the best place that is close? We have our name on the waiting list at Knoxville Point and Prairie Vista, but they are both a little farther than I wanted. Anyways, thank you and good luck with your first semester!!!
  3. by   sweet_lime
    Hi! Yeah, its exciting, but I'm pretty overwhelmed getting all the paperwork in. Since it has been so quick, I've decided that we are going to stay here (about 1.5 hours away) and I'm going to commute and get a study room for this year and then we will reevaluate for next year. I'll pm you with some specifics
  4. by   sweet_lime
    Hey, just wanted to update you... I started classes this week. So far so good! Lots of paperwork, assignments and stuff to do right away, but everyone is very encouraging and helpful. In 8 weeks we will be on the floor doing clinicals! Let me know if you have any more questions!
  5. by   girly8208
    Yay! So exciting!!! Those 8 weeks are going to fly by so fast!! And I'm sure you'll do great!! We are still sorting everything out for our big move out there, but I'm getting very excited!!
  6. by   Pneumothorax
    Quote from sweet_lime
    Hey, just wanted to update you... I started classes this week. So far so good! Lots of paperwork, assignments and stuff to do right away, but everyone is very encouraging and helpful. In 8 weeks we will be on the floor doing clinicals! Let me know if you have any more questions!

    i cant believe they do clinicals so fast. now im really excited to start i love getting right into it and starting on pt. care

    do u have any reccommendations on teachers?... i hear theres a lot of good ones and a few rotten ones.. but being a small schooll you gotta take the bad with the good. lol
  7. by   girly8208
    Sweet_Lime, how is it going so far?!?!?! I am getting very excited (and also very nervous) to start in January!
  8. by   sweet_lime
    Hi, so far it is going great. We started clinicals two weeks ago and it is really great. I have learned so much from the patients. I will admit that at times I have been very overwhelmed and stressed... but I can handle it. Everyone is very supportive and caring. We only have 6 weeks left in the semester and we registered this morning for next semester!

    Pneumothorax - what I have experienced this semester is that all the instructors have their strengths and weaknesses. Some of them are great at teaching and some not so much, but they might be better at the clinical experience in the lab. So if you happen to get a teacher that you don't click with then look for their good qualities. I am very impressed by the overall caring of them. And you also have classmates that you can comiserate with
  9. by   traumaRUs
    Hope you guys are doing well...OSF is an awesome school. I got my adult CNS (post-MSN certificate) from them in 2006 and am now back for the peds CNS.

    Don't worry, I'm not an instructor - lol

    The clinicals that you get as a BSN are awesome and will definitely help you with your career goals.

    Hope you all found safe places to live.
  10. by   girly8208
    Hi everybody! This is a little off topic from nursing, but I am moving to Peoria from California at the end of the year to attend St Francis College of Nursing, and it's getting to be crunch time for finding an apartment. My husband and I are considering Savannah Meadows and Knoxville Pointe, and we can't decide!! There are pros and cons to both. Does anybody know about either of these places that can offer advice? It's hard to shop for apartments from 6 states away...any help would be appreciated!! Thank you!
  11. by   creativerebel
    Hi girly8208, I currently live at Knoxville Pointe, and I like it. It's a nice suburban area in the midst of a lot of new neighborhoods and also right next to a park (some apartments have a park view). The management is nice (better than Prairie Lakes, where I lived before) and I've never had a problem with anything. They are right off of Knoxville Avenue which goes straight down to the hospitals, probably a 15-20 min drive depending on traffic. There is also an exit to the interstate nearby which will bypass the city driving and also takes you right to OSF. There is a gas station nearby and grocery/video stores, Wal-Mart and Starbucks and other restaraunts in North Peoria about 5 min away. Most people that live here are young professionals, (lots of Caterpillar employees).

    Savannah Meadows is a few years newer and right in the middle of Peoria. In about a two block radius there is a Bergners, K-Mart, two grocery stores, Starbucks, three shopping centers, a small museum, library, pool, and various fast food and pizza places. The apartments are kind of in a small wooded area in the midst of all this, but other than that I don't think there's anywhere really to go walking and such. Only a block off of Knoxville so still easy access to the hospital. I would guess 10-15 min depending on traffic. Not a bad part of town, but Knoxville Pointe is definitely a better area.

    I used to work as a clerk at OSF, and am hoping to get a job there again soon before I start nursing school in fall 2011. If you have any other questions about the area or OSf, feel free to message me
  12. by   Pneumothorax
    for those starting fall 2010 are any of u taking pharm in may?

    ill be one of the first to sign up for it here i come yay
  13. by   nightowlRN89
    What kind of things are there to do for fun around there? Whats the campus environment like?