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  1. by   learner4180
    Hi there.
    I saw your post on allnurses.com and wanted to ask you a couple of questions. I am applying to Lakeview college of nursing for the 4 semester BSN program for Fall 2011. I want to get a CRNA degree later so after my BSN from lakeview I want to work in ICU for 1-2yrs before I apply for CRNA. I am wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing your experience a bit with me.
    What did you think of the school? Good, bad, average?
    You have been working a few yrs now, do you think it matter where you get your BSN for ICU job?
    Did you have a hard time getting the ICU job?
    Were the teachers/education good?
    you mentioned you went to EIU-Charleston, IL. Is that a better campus or better town or better education?
    Did you get to do your rotations in decent hospitals or more nursing home settings?

    I would really appreciate any and all help. Thank you so much. If you find email easier, my email is mctoma@yahoo.com and my name is Maddie.

    Thank you so much!