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Hello! I waited to register for this site, as somehow I thought that I would jinx myself. I have been accepted for the 2011 Fall semester of the day nursing program at Joliet Junior College and... Read More

  1. by   Reese2012
    Question for everyone that entered into the fall program.

    I am taking my pre-req's
    fall 2011 Biology and Chemistry
    spring 2012: Bio 250
    Summer: pysc 215 and the nutrition class (still need bio251)

    I have my bachelors degree in History, so the english course that is required I have already taken.

    When should I try to apply for the program that would give me the greatest chance to get in? Thanks
  2. by   b&g'smom
    To Reese2012,

    Having as many prerequisites as possible done before applying increases your odds of getting in, plus you don't want to have to take these classes along side nursing classes. I applied before I completed A&P II and still got in, but a lot of people said that it could have decreased my chances. So the best you can do is take the TEAS test as soon as they'll let you because they will always use your highest score for admissions. Plus, if you don't get in the first time at least you have a second shot at taking the test and doing better the next time around....that was my mind set, but I wound up getting accepted the first time.
  3. by   Reese2012
    Can I ask what your gpa was when you got accepted. I am currently finsihing my pre-reqs, and want to know if I have a chance.
  4. by   b&g'smom
    Long story here, but my overall GPA at the time was a 3.84, however my GPA on all of my nursing prerequisites was a 4.0. I had attempted to go to JJC fresh out of high school and was very unsuccessful. At that time I was an accounting major. When I went back to JJC, 7 years later, I started with a 1.36 GPA (from the classes right after high school) and then continued with my nursing prerequisites, which I got all A's in. I'm pretty sure (not 100%) that they only look at the grades for the specified nursing prerequisite classes. On the otherhand, I do know several people who got into the program with a mixture of A's, B's, and the occasional C. The classes they will look at are English 101, Bio 250 & 251, Health, and Psych 101 & 215. If you have a mixture of A's and B's, then your GPA is not what you need to worry about. Focus on the TEAS test. I purchased the study guide, completed it, then purchased the online practice test, which you can buy for around $35 for 2 attempts. I think the online practice tests helped me the most. When you complete the test it gives you a detailed report of the areas where you did the best/worst. I then took my results and restudied the areas that I had the most trouble. The test is not horrible, but I do recommend studying for it. Again though, this is what worked for me, I know many people that did different things that worked for them.
  5. by   kcg211
    I got accepted to the day session for fall 2012; I am so excited now can't wait to start.
  6. by   LiLwannabRN
    Congrats to you!! I graduated in December from JJC, I cruise allnurses pretty frequently, f there's anything you need help with don't hesitate to ask!!