Does anyone go to/graduated from UIC nursing?

  1. I am an undergrad at U of I and will be applying to nursing programs in the fall. I am going to apply to the global campus of UIC (it is at U of I) - I know it is really competitive - If anyone has gotten into the program at U of I or the UIC do you know what the average GPA, both science and cumulative, was for the admitted students? I think I am pretty strong everywhere else as far as the application process goes - I am just worried about my grades ( I don't have a bad GPA, I just know how competitive UIC nursing is so in comparison to the other applicants I am worried that my GPA won't be where it needs to be).
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  3. by   happyinillinois
    UIC is the top ranked Nursing program in the state. Are you talking RN-BSN or a BSN? The global campus is easier to get into than UIC Chicago traditional nursing.
  4. by   al_e135
    I will be going to the global campus - I go to u of i already but I have to apply to the nursing college in the fall. UIC nursing is actually ranked number 7 i am pretty nervous about getting in. Do you have any advice on how to make my application stick out? I was thinking about applying to SIU edwardsville and St. John's in springfield also, so if you know anything about those programs please let me know, but at this point I would greatly appreciate any information - it's so stressful going through applications
  5. by   prinsessa
    I think the average GPA was 3.7 last year. If your GPA isn't that hot (less than 3.5) I would make sure you have a killer essay. I know a couple of people who got in with lower GPAs. Good luck!
  6. by   sallber

    I also go to UIC, I'll be a senior this year. It's true, your gpa has to be great in order for you to be admitted. Also, how are you attending the global campus? That program is for RN's who want their BSN, if I remember correctly. Are you an RN already?
  7. by   UICBSN2012
    Quote from prinsessa
    I think the average GPA was 3.7 last year. If your GPA isn't that hot (less than 3.5) I would make sure you have a killer essay. I know a couple of people who got in with lower GPAs. Good luck!

    I have a 4.0 GPA and finished all prerequisites. I do not have much hospital experience except for 60 hours of volunteer work in the ER. I'm a non-traditional 33 year old male. Any advice on how I can increase my chances? I want to get into UIC. I live very close. Thanks
  8. by   blackkat312
    I went to UIC Urbana and just graduated this May. I must caution you about one thing...a lot of us are without a job now because our clinicals are in obscure places like Mattoon and Danville and Decatur where no one wanted to stay on as an R.N. and by the time we graduated all the C.N.A's and nursing students from Chicago got snapped up as new R.N.'s at those hospitals. Think about where you eventually want to work as an R.N. My leadership clinical could have been in Chicago in Childrens Memorial Hospital, for example, and I could have gotten my dream job if I went to the Chicago campus or a Chicago nursing school. Now I am with my BSN RN from UIC Urbana thinking about working at Starbucks...
  9. by   al_e135
    Wow, I haven't really thought about that. I'm sorry to here about your situation. I definitely have to consider if I should go to a school that may not be as well known for nursing but is in a good area for job opportunities.

    Do you know anything about the St. Louis area - what schools have BSN programs? I know SIUE does....hmmm I really have to start researching more schools. Thanks for your response, it really helped me and is the kind of honesty that I really appreciate. Good luck!:wink2:
  10. by   ChicagoICU_RN
    Thats a bit scary to think about!!
  11. by   blackkat312
    I don't know about St. Louis nursing schools, but anything connected to Barnes hospital would be awesome. I got accepted to Rush U in Chicago and now I am mad I didn't go...also West Suburban which is connected to a huge hospital system- Resurrection Health Care, and their program basically guarantees a R.N. new graduate job for their alumni. I would try to go to a nursing school attached to a hospital system or has contracts with major hospitals...UIC in Chicago you can get Northwestern and Childrens which would be great to work at and easy to get your foot in the door.
  12. by   prinsessa
    Trust me....there aren't many jobs available for Chicago UIC grads. The economy is bad and there isn't really a nursing shortage in Illinois. I only received one call back and sent out many applications/resumes.
  13. by   MedOncIllinoisRN
    All of you new nursing grads without jobs have me very scared.

    I am planning on starting nursing school next year and I'm concerned I won't be able to find a job when I get out.
    I've been having a hard time deciding where to go. It's basically between Loyola, Valparaiso, Wayne State University, John's Hopkins and Illinois State University's accelerated BSN programs, Rush's Direct Entry Generalized Master's, and UIC's traditional program as a transfer student.

    ISU appeals to me the most due to the fact that it's located only a couple of hours from Chicago, the program lasts 12 months and because it is half the price of Loyola, Rush, John's Hopkins and Valpo's programs. UIC seems great too, but I heard that it is hard to transfer in. I have a B.A. from Loyola already with a 3.8 GPA. and 4.0 in all of my pre-reqs too. Even with that, I heard from others that UIC's program is super competitive.

    Would going to nursing school outside of Chicago hurt ones chances to find a job here that much?

    How do new nursing grads even find jobs these days? It seems like all hospitals want 1-3 years experience as an RN.

    I'm tempted to just take my chances and go to ISU if accepted. If I am not going to be able to find a job after I graduate, I'd rather be unemployed with only $25k in student loans as opposed to the 50 to 70k I'd have from Loyola, Rush, Valpo and John's Hopkins.
  14. by   Trophy.Nurse
    I'm confused. I didn't know U of I in Urbana had a bsn program. Also, I thought the global campus was only an rn to bsn program. Can someone please clarify for me?