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My friend is looking at attending an LPN school soon and she found out about CMK's LPN program. The cost of tuition is around $15,000 and the program is for 10 months. CMK also has an agreement... Read More

  1. by   Reese2012
    Quote from magelan
    i went to cna class at cmk and it was great. now i'm planning to enroll in their lpn program in january 8 2011 in westmont campus. in my case, the good thing is that the classes will be held only on weekends

    the new thing is that now they have another more prerequirement - pharmacology costs $700, and the class will be in october for 5 saturdays. terminology is also $700, and anatomy $1000. they accept transcripts from other schools but for people who don't have time to waste in community colleges, it's better to finish these 3 subjects in cmk 'cause you can finish all that in less than 3 months.

    clinicals on cna course was nice, teachers were ok. clinicals are in meadowbrook manor nursing home in bolingbrook.
    i checked into this school and not all of their classes are on the weekends, your clinicals are held during the week, but when i called, no one could tell me the times the clinicals would be at. i am becoming suspicious about this school
  2. by   doli123
    Americare school has 600 dollors per credit and $600 per lab. Cmk has $325 per credit. Americare has AIT exam after every course, if you does not pass the Ati exam, you fail the course and Roll trasition for 5 weeks in the end. Cmk has no roll transition and no ATI exams after each course.
  3. by   Magelan
    I am the one of the 50 people that started the CMK LPN program on 03/26/2011.
    So far so good

    I'm pretty happy with this program. First subject was Mental Health and it ended somewhere in May. At this point, we are at middle of Nursing Fundamentals and the first clinical will start on Monday 07/18/2011 (Mental Health was without clinicals).

    Classes are held on Saturdays and Sundays 4-10 pm but clinicals will be during week. There are 2 options. Either to choose to have clinicals once a week (8 am - 8 pm) - either twice a week in the mornings. I've chosen the option Monday & Friday morning 'cause I work pm-s Mon-Fri.

    Clinicals will be held at 3 places: Meadowbrook Manor - Bolingbrook and in 2 other nursing homes in Naperville & Park Ridge (I don't know the names of the facilities but I'll find out - I've chosen Bolingbrook). I'll keep you posted how this will look like :-)

    The teacher is very dedicated, but the class is big though... 50 people... Some people failed mental health, but they proceeded conditionally to Fundamentals. If they also fail on Fundamentals - they will have to leave the program for good. If they pass, they will have to go again on Mental Health with the next batch that starts on 09/10/2011.

    Passing score is 78! And we have exams every Saturday but it is not so hard. Bad thing - sometimes there are too many chapters that are covered in one session.

    TABE test is easy - around 100 questions - mostly English and 24-25 from maths (sooo easy). I don't know if anyone failed on TABE but the only thing that hurts is these $50 for that test...
  4. by   doli123
    i did all pre req and did pharmcology and fundamental in other school. where i am going is 600 dollors per credit hour and $600 for lab . i do not have no money to pay . Three courses left. med search, obe and third one do not remeber. 16 credit hour. if i move to CMK ,you think i will get credit for my classes or not.
    need a suggestion.
  5. by   doli123
    i did all pre req and did pharmcology and fundamental in other school. where i am going is 600 dollors per credit hour and $600 for lab . i do not have no money to pay . Three courses left. med search, obe and third one do not remeber. 16 credit hour. if i move to CMK ,you think i will get credit for my classes or not.
    need a suggestion.
  6. by   doli123
    i went CMK and they told me to meet tomorrow to meet dean. receptionist told me that they will give me credit for pharmacology and fundamental . i have to start with CPN 104 in jan. but i have to give TABE exam. I am really worry about that exam. If i passed that exam ,i will start in jan. BUt in august ,i will do 8 weeks dialysis certification.
  7. by   doli123
    CMK has CPN is 64 hours, that means how many weeks. They were saying class is 12 hour week. yu think it is right. that means class is 5 and 1/2 week. that's right or not. how many hours lab per week. ?
  8. by   doli123
    i chose because it is cheaper than americare. i do not have to give ati exam after every course and no roll tansition for 6 weeks.
  9. by   Magelan
    CPN 103 - Fundamentals is technically 64+96 hours but for some reason that class takes for 4 months (1/3 of whole program). As far as I could figure the reason they extended it because the initial program length of 40 weeks is not enough to have a 1 year program which is required by the state. Knowing that you are waived of that class means that you are saving 4 months :-) All the others classes go much much quicker.

    As far as I could understand, you will join the batch 4 in January (they start 09/10/2011).

    Did you check with them what will happen with CPN 102 - Mental Health which is the first subject? Double check with them if you should attend that class also.

    When clinicals start, it is 12 hours per week. At this point, we have 4 groups that have clinicals only once a week but for 12 hours (The days are different - for sure one group is on Mondays, one on Thursdays and the third is on Fridays - fourth one I dont know their schedule). There is only one group (mine) that has clinicals twice per week - 6 hours on Mondays & Fridays. What will happen on the 104 & 105 - I'll keep you posted :-)
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  10. by   Kaizou
    I have a question about their math requirements, I called the school but couldn't really get a straight answer. I noticed they stopped offering their math class and i think it was elementary algebra, their website has this on the requirements " College coursework in English and Math with a grade average of C or Higher. " does that mean I just need a college math or do I have to do college algebra?
  11. by   iscore123
    As far as I know, fr their math requirements as long as you have a 3 credit course that is either a gen ed math, college algebra or even higher it will work. And if you are a degree holder, math is waved.
  12. by   Magelan
    That's true. Future PN student can be waived of math & English if is a degree holder... As far as I know, the school is willing to accept CLEP tests (math & English)
  13. by   futuremalenurse24-7

    I just signed up to allnurses and was searching the web for lpn programs when I came across this website. While going through it I found this link for cmk and was wondering if you (or someone) could update us on this school. My girlfriend and I are looking to go to a lpn school ,but are having trouble deciding on one. Cmk looks to be one of the cheaper priced private lpn school out there but I hesitate to go because they just started their lpn program in 2010. Claredon hills is the closer location for me and was wondering how it is from anyone currently attending the school. Any other info someone could share about this school would be great because most of these posts on this thread are a year old and alot of thing s can change in a years time. Thank you !